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    The Nugget Newspaper was founded as an independently owned, weekly newspaper in the mountain town of Sisters, Oregon in 1978. The Nugget is widely read by the Sisters community. It provides comprehensive coverage of city government, school, forest service and other local news. Weekly features include editorials and letters to the editor, business briefs and features, columns, music and arts, and stories on local events and people. Our readership spans western Deschutes County from the Santiam Pass toward Bend and Redmond and includes Camp Sherman and Black Butte Ranch, Sisters, Crossroads, Tollgate, Indian Ford, Plainview and Cloverdale areas. 

    The Editor in Chief is Jim Cornelius (1994); Production Manager is Leith Easterling (1991); Creative Director is Jess Draper (2005); Community Marketing Partner (display advertising sales) is Vicki Curlett (2018); Classified/Subscription Manager is Lisa May (2018); and Owner is J. Louis Mullen (2017).

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    Photo by Gary Miller
  • The people behind The Nugget...  T. Lee Brown
    Tiffany Lee Brown -known to most as "T" - brings a varied background and a deep toolbox of talents to her work as a freelancer with The Nugget Newspaper.
  • The people behind The Nugget ... Lisa May
    Lisa May knew she had some big shoes to fill when she took her new position at The Nugget. For 18 years, Teresa Mahnken had been the first person folks saw as they came into the newspaper office, and she managed the office with a sure and steady hand. The public and the staff alike loved her.
  • The people behind The Nugget... Cody Rheault
    Cody Rheault has a lot of arrows in his quiver as a freelance journalist. He's a talented photographer and videographer, as well as being able to paint a picture with words.
  • The people behind The Nugget... Charlie Kanzig
    Charlie Kanzig has been running and writing for most of his life - and for the past 22 years, he's been combining the two as a freelance writer and reporter with The Nugget.
  • The people behind The Nugget... Craig Rullman
    Craig Rullman has a varied curriculum vitae: buckaroo in the Nevada Outback, United States Marine, and law enforcement officer. Through it all, though, he's always been a writer.
  • The people behind The Nugget... Rongi Yost
    High school sports are integral to the fabric of any small town - and the Sisters Outlaws are definitely woven deeply into the Sisters community. And for the past 16 years, those sports programs have been the beat of Rongi Yost.
  • The people behind The Nugget... Inserting crew
    Every Tuesday night, a hardworking crew unloads some 7,500 newspapers from a Ford van, stack the bundles in the lobby at The Nugget, and get to work.

    They are the inserting crew - the people who put the Ray's Food Place and Bi-Mart and other inserts into the papers readers receive in their mailbox or pick up around town on Wednesday.
  • The people behind The Nugget... Katy Yoder
    Katy Yoder has always been a writer. Now The Nugget freelancer is committed to making writing her life and career.
  • The people behind The Nugget... Jodi Schneider
    The classic school assignment - "what I did this summer" - sent Jodi Schneider McNamee down the trail to becoming a writer. The satisfaction of telling a story well and getting a positive response feeds the creative soul.
  • The people behind The Nugget... Jerry Baldock
    Often, the first thing people see when they pick up a copy of The Nugget is a photograph by Jerry Baldock.
  • The people behind The Nugget... Sue Stafford
    Sue Stafford has always had a deep and abiding love for Sisters - and for the written word. She combines them as a freelance reporter for The Nugget.
  • The people behind The Nugget... Vicki Curlett
    Vicki Curlett and her husband, Rick, know just what so many people feel when they first arrive in Sisters Country. They had that classic Oregon moment as they crossed Santiam Pass and arrived in Sisters in the autumn of 2001.
  • The people behind The Nugget... Jess Draper
    Jess Draper starts every week at The Nugget with a blank slate. That's both the challenge and the pleasure of working as a production designer for a weekly newspaper.
  • The people behind The Nugget... Leith Easterling
    When Leith Easterling started with The Nugget in 1991, the newspaper industry was on the cusp of revolutionary change.

    As the third member of a tiny, three-person staff, along with then-owners Kiki and Erik Dolson, Easterling wore a variety of hats: She sold ads, designed and produced the ads, and pasted the paper up - with actual wax on paper. It was labor-intensive work.
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