Noah Gundersen and the Courage is a band known for addicting tunes and honest-to-the-core lyrics that appeal to all ages.

They will bring their music to Sisters in the second Sisters Folk Festival Winter Concert on Saturday, February 27.

The group already has an ample fan base in Sisters, but who are the personalities behind the music? Noah Gundersen and the Courage is Noah, Abby Gundersen, Ivan Gunderson (no relation), and Sisters' very own Travis Ehrenstrom.

Noah and Abby grew up in Centralia, Washington, and started playing together in early years. These days the two are traveling around the country to perform with groups like Garage Voice and Paper Maché, two other Washington bands.

"Any young band starting out should play as much as they can to get their name out there," Noah said. "Now we're kind of in that place where we want to build a really strong base in Seattle."

Abby is finishing up her high school diploma in Centralia, Ivan is living in Olympia, and Noah and Travis are in Seattle. The four practice in Olympia during the week, focusing on connecting as a band and building up their group dynamic.

The Courage performs here this Saturday night at Sisters High School, a stage Travis Ehrenstrom has performed on many times before.

A native of Sisters, Ehrenstrom was deeply involved in the Americana Project.

"As a musician it was awesome... Sisters is one of the most supportive musical communities I've ever seen," he said.

Travis met Noah through a mutual friend a couple of years ago and officially joined the Courage last fall. After touring the country and the rest of the group's home state, Travis is excited to be returning to his hometown for a performance and to show his friends and the people of Sisters what he's been up to for the past year.

While the group's primary goals are to complete their album, which will be released this spring, and to establish themselves along the West Coast, they show a genuine love for what they're doing.

Noah stated that his priorities focus simply on creating a good band.

"What we love is music," he said, "and that needs to be our priority. We all get the most fulfillment out of that."

Ehrenstrom thinks his band will be a good fit in Sisters.

"In Sisters, the idea of music is so different from other places... people play music for something spiritual and emotional... the heart and mind are in the right place," he said.

The concert starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at the door and at Paulina Springs Books in Sisters - $15 general; $10 student.

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