Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show has announced the hiring of a new executive director. Dawn Boyd will be joining the organization on January 7, 2019.

Boyd will be taking the reins of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show operation replacing current Executive Director Jeanette Pilak, who announced her retirement effective at the end of December 2018. Pilak will remain with the organization for a period of time as a trainer and consultant to ensure a smooth transition.

The SOQS board of directors reported that a statewide search was conducted, and several promising candidates were interviewed. Jan McGowan of Nonprofit Consulting who helped the board with the search and selection process noted "how fortunate we were to find Dawn with such an extraordinary skill set that so closely matched to the unique requirements of this organization."

Board chair Jeff Omodt noted that, "It's a tough business model to ask any manager to coordinate. Sustained by year-round fundraising and planning we put on a one-day event featuring 1,200 quilts from around the world, hung and taken down the same day, taking over the entire town. With paid staff of only three and hundreds of volunteers, deliver an event that will dazzle the more than 10,000 visitors with the awe and wonder of quilt art ... simple, right?"

Boyd will be relocating from Grants Pass.

"I have a passion for event coordination and a love of quilting ... being able to combine the two together is a dream come true," she said. "I've spent the last 20 years coordinating multiple events - from marching band competitions to military family events and many things in between. Stepping into the role as executive director for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is both exciting and humbling, and I'm honored to take on this role. My husband and I are excited to make Sisters our new home and look forward to becoming part of this beautiful community."