Emily Woodworth. photo provided
Emily Woodworth. photo provided
The work of two Sisters filmmakers has been selected for the BendFilm Festival.

Nathan and Emily Woodworth bill “The Purse: A Dream in Two Acts,” as a surrealist/absurdist comedy film.

“We pitch it as ‘David Lynch meets Monty Python,’” Nathan Woodworth told The Nugget.

“We are proud to be an official selection at BendFilm Festival 2020. We are also the winners of the 2019 Maverick Movie Awards for best screenplay, best supporting actor, and best supporting actress, with a nomination for best picture. However, Maverick Movie Awards is a world-wide competition, not a festival, which makes BendFilm Festival our world premiere. We are extremely excited to be premiering in Central Oregon, where we can share our film for the first time with the community that we love and has given us so much support.”

The BendFilm Festival program runs October 8-25, with more than 100 streaming titles and 12 drive-in screenings. Some films have a limited window and will only play for a few days during the Festival or they have a cap on the number of tickets that can be sold.

For information on passes for viewing films, including The Purse, visit www.bendfilm.org.

In the award-winning surreal film, siblings Jackie and Jill clash after Jackie escapes from prison. Worried that he will be pursued by the Jurisdictator, Jackie has disguised himself in Jill’s clothes. Armed with a purse, Jackie is ready to set out into the forest to dig up their buried loot the moment his sister arrives, but Jill isn’t playing ball. Aided by the voice in his head, Jackie must question Jill to uncover the truth.

Meanwhile, Tom P. Bellbottoms, Esq., shoots a documentary about Selby O’Nolan, the man who invented the purse to be used as a weapon in World War I.

The cast consists of Nathan Woodworth, Emily Woodworth, Wayne Newcome, Spencer Bordonaro and David Novotny. Emily Woodworth and Nathan Woodworth are the writers, Emily Woodworth directed. The film was edited by Brian Stefano Lee.

“This is a group effort and literally would not have been possible without the help of Sisters residents,” Nathan Woodworth said. “Specifically, Sisters Elementary School, where we shot a major scene in our film, was extremely kind in supporting us and providing a place for us to shoot. Because we are from Central Oregon and our film was entirely shot in Deschutes County, we will be featured in the Local Focus section of BendFilm.”

“The Purse: A Dream in Two Acts” will be eligible for audience awards; anyone who views it can vote for the film.

“The Purse” will be available to view for the entire duration of the Festival.