“The Far Green Country,” a documentary film created by Eli and Kelly Pyke of Sisters, has found distribution through a company called Indie Rights Movies. They are helping the filmmakers release their movie on digital platforms worldwide, beginning with Amazon Prime. The film is available for viewing on Amazon Prime as of March 22.

The movie has been accepted into the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival in Salt Lake City.

In “The Far Green Country,” a young family, struggling to stay afloat amidst disappointment and heartache, set out on the road in search of the hope of healing as a couple, connecting with their son and pursuing a more whole-hearted pace of life. This real-life tale tells of the comedy, the hardships, and the passion of living intentionally and adventurously in marriage and with children.

Amazon Prime Video is a service of Amazon, and can be viewed on their website at amazon.com, on mobile devices via the Amazon Video app, and on Smart TVs, Apple TVs, Roku, and similar streaming devices.

“Many people dream of setting out on the road and traveling around the country (or the world) with their kids,” the Pykes stated. “This film will provide an inspiration to help people pursue their dreams. In this world where marriages fail at a 50 percent rate, where many of the struggles we go through as parents and couples go undiscussed, where phones, computers, and video games dominate our lives, this film offers hope to those facing challenges in life, and reminds us all of the beautiful and majestic world in which we live.”

The filmmakers would appreciate help from their Sisters community in reviewing the film on Amazon after watching it. Click here to go directly to "The Far Green Country" on Amazon.