Rigo Ramirez, with Dixie and Gary Baker, at Sisters’ new Western and outdoor store, Dixie’s. photo by Jim Cornelius
Rigo Ramirez, with Dixie and Gary Baker, at Sisters’ new Western and outdoor store, Dixie’s. photo by Jim Cornelius

Sisters' Western tradition and style are in good hands now that Dixie's has opened its doors downtown.

Those same doors opened for decades on Leavitt's Western Wear store; now Rigoberto Ramirez is building on that legacy - and adding new elements of his own.

"Blending Western and outdoor together is what I'm focused on at this point," Ramirez told The Nugget last Friday as he presided over the store's grand opening.

He wants his store to appeal to those who love Western style - but also to those who need hard-working, durable outdoor clothing for work and play in Sisters Country. He means to keep the quality high and the prices reasonable.

"It's going to remain Western," he said. "A Western apparel store is the core."

But in the spirit of pioneering adventure, he's "really eager to try out new things - new brands, new styles."

He wants his customers to find unique items they can't pick up just anywhere on the range. Ramirez will be listening closely to his customers on that score, finding out what they want and need out of a Western/outdoor shop in Sisters.

The name, Dixie's, asserts an independent identity for the store. Dixie Baker is Rigo's mom - and a Western fashion plate. She and her husband, Gary, have lived in Sisters for the past eight years. They bought the property, but they're retired and have no interest in operating a business. Enter Rigo.

He's visited the area many times and, like so many, he fell in love with it. And, while he's never done retail, he has a strong business background.

"I have a business degree from Pepperdine," he said. "I've always had that entrepreneurial spirit."

So Dixie's is a tip of the hat to his mom, and a new identity for a location that has become a community institution.

"I thought it (the name) was great right off the bat," he said. "It's catchy; you remember it."

The layout of the store has changed, which gives it a fresh feel - and it was busy on its first day of operation. That kind of support has been apparent since Ramirez first launched the enterprise.

"We've had great support from the community so far and I'm appreciative of that," he said. "We feel very welcomed to the community."

Dixie's is located on the corner of Cascade Avenue and Elm Street in downtown Sisters. For more information call 541-549-6451.