Dear Property Guy:

I’m trying to move to Sisters. I just need a little apartment for me and my dog. Can you help me find anything? I need to be under a thousand.

— Ashland

Dear Ashland:

There’s a serious rental squeeze in Sisters, whether one is looking for a house or apartment. I am seeing exactly zero that meets your immediate needs. Perhaps checking a roommate situation is an option.

Craigslist,, Sisters Swap, Zillow, as well as the fine newspaper you now hold in your hands are the best traditional resources. The reality is that many properties here go the “friends and family” route, being rented without an ad ever being posted. So it would make sense to befriend some local real estate types.

— Mike

Dear Property Guy:

My adult son is unemployed, has a drinking problem, and has been living with me for six months. A recent incident involving the police made it clear he needs to go. But the cops said that this was a civil matter, and they couldn’t make him leave. Help?

— Despondent Dad

Dear Dad:

First off, I’m sorry for this whole scene. You have bigger issues than I can handle here. But since family counseling is part of being The Property Guy, he recommends the first thing you do is check out Al-Anon. Al-Anon is an anonymous fellowship that helps friends and family of alcoholics. You can find information at Sisters has several great meetings.

The challenge here is that your son could legally be considered a tenant (or licensee), even if no rent was paid, or no lease was signed. Seemingly innocuous things like sharing utilities or helping with food expenses can elevate a guest’s status to that of tenant. This would give him all the rights and privileges afforded that status, and put all the duties and responsibilities of a landlord on you, including following proper eviction procedure.

If your son has injured you, tried to injure you, or made you afraid of physical injury, you can take out a restraining order against him. This will get him out of the house immediately, while you consult a competent real estate attorney, or other professional to help you begin formal eviction procedures.

— Mike

Mike Zoormajian is principal at WetDog Properties in Sisters, providing property management and investor services. Questions:

Consult a real attorney before doing anything crazy.