The remaining undeveloped 7.48 acres in the Three Winds Shopping Center - behind Bi-Mart, Takoda's, and Dairy Queen - are currently in the design phase for a master plan that would include commercial and multi-family lots along with a single formula food lot.

Local architect Chris Mayes, who is designing the master plan, said all of those uses are allowed in the Highway Commercial Zone along US Highway 20, which includes Ray's Food Place, several fast-food restaurants, Bi-Mart, Takoda's, Sisters Inn and Suites, Ponderosa Best Western and a number of other commercial businesses.

Helmut Junge of Eugene, the current property owner, is applying for the master plan in order to sell the property. Once the master plan has been submitted to and approved by the City, the property will be listed for sale, breaking it into parcels.

There will be two ingress/egress points for the property, one on West McKinney Butte Road and the other on South Hood Avenue, across from the East Portal property.

The individual buildings are not yet designed. Mayes indicated there might be a mix of one- and two-story structures in the commercial area. The multi-family buildings will most likely be two-stories. The maximum building height for that zone is 35 feet.

The exact number of multi-family units to be built will depend on the future site plan submitted by purchasers/developers of the property. Mayes estimates 40 to 50 units depending upon their final size and configuration.

The number of parking spaces required will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the City during the site plan review for each parcel/building.

The master plan is required to go before the Sisters Planning Commission for a public hearing and commission approval. Mayes is still working on the application, but estimates approval will be granted by late spring 2019.