Newport Avenue Market on Monday took ownership of Melvin's Fir Street Market, a natural, organic grocery store and deli in Sisters.

Founded by Melvin Herburger in 2011, Melvin's will continue to offer customers the same hometown service and selection of natural and organic products that they've to come to rely on, but infused with the fun and friendly attitude for which Newport Avenue Market is known.

As part of Rudy's Markets, Inc., which includes Newport Avenue Market and now Melvin's by Newport Avenue Market, the Sisters grocer will install new registers, expand its offerings to include additional seafood, gift baskets, Oregon Country Beef, and more. Sisters customers will have access to a broader selection of special-order items not stocked


"When the opportunity knocked for us to purchase Melvin's, we jumped at the chance," said Lauren Johnson, CEO of Newport Avenue Market. "Melvin's is already well-aligned with our commitment to offering high-quality and local products, and we will continue to promote local producers and be an active member of the community just like we do in Bend."