Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a national student-based organization that is designed to promote the American free-enterprise system. After several years of inactivity, the Sisters Chapter of FBLA has been reinstated this year through the determination of the student body and with the help of community members such as Brian Witt and the FBLA adviser, Morgan Davis. The chapter, which currently consists of 11 members, has been listening to local business owners speak of their experiences, preparing for tests, and completing projects for FBLA competitions.

"FBLA is one of many examples how our community is not only willing to suggest ideas, but provide the resources to ensure our students have a wide range of opportunities available to them in times of need. We are thankful that Brian Witt came to Jim Golden and I with the idea of bringing a Future Business Leaders of America program to Sisters High School," said Sisters High School Principal Joe Hosang.

On February 5, FBLA had a Regional Skills Conference located in Klamath Falls. There were approximately 150 to 200 participants from 12 different schools across Central Oregon at the competition. The Sisters chapter had five representatives from Sisters High School: President Nicky Blumm, Vice President Dillon Witt, Secretary Jardon Weems, Cody Lane and Keenan O'Hern. Some time before the competition, each student had to choose a test to take from a list of different topics. Each test consisted of 100 questions to complete within one hour. There was also the option of completing a performance-based event compiled from a list of potential project ideas. The regional conference was held in large part to award those who placed well on their respective test categories and to award those who did an exceptional job on their projects.

Sisters FBLA was pleased with their performance. Nicky Blumm placed first, Jacob Hanson placed second, and Lane Adams placed fourth in the category of Sports Management. Harley Bowler got fourth in Hospitality Management, Tiffani Milliman placed fourth in Intro to Business and Dillon Witt finished sixth in Business Law. Keenan O'Hern participated in "Job Interview," which is a competitive event. He created a cover letter, résumé, and filled out a job application for a sales position at a fictitious corporation. Keenan then participated in a mock interview with one of the judges and wound up finishing seventh in this competition.

"The students seemed to really enjoy the atmosphere at the conference and had a sense of pride based on their accomplishments," said Davis.

Throughout the term, the group has also been working in small groups to complete FBLA-based projects. Those ventures included a business plan about an innovative shoe company named United Footwear, a digital video production group which created a movie that featured interviews of business owners in the community, and a chapter newsletter about the undertakings of the Sisters chapter. The Sisters chapter hopes to continue to build relationships with local business owners and wants to engage in fundraising activities for the charity March of Dimes.

If interested in supporting FBLA, please contact Davis at Sisters High School, 541-549-4045 ext. 1070.

Damon Morton is a junior at Sisters High School.