Roy Slicker may be on vacation, but he's not getting too far from the grill.

The owner-operator of Slick's Que Co. of Sisters will fire up the National BBQ Association (NBBQA) annual meeting in Memphis, Tennessee on February 2.

Slicker was selected to deliver the opening session presentation because of his high energy, focus and dedication to the art of authentic pit-style BBQ. Extensive travel and barbecue research with the NBBQA resulted in the creation of his own successful BBQ restaurant and products company in Sisters.

"This year's meeting in Memphis is being held at a time when we're seeing a rapid increase in the popularity of barbecue in all areas of the country," said Joe Oaster, President of the National BBQ Association. "While some of this is related to new barbecue-centric TV programs, most is rooted in the fact that barbecue brings people together even in the most challenging times. Let's face it, people are moving back to more certainty and that's family, friends and connecting in more positive situations."

He went on to say, "We wanted Roy to provide the opening presentation because of what he's accomplished with both the NBBQA and start-up of his well-known barbecue restaurant in the Northwest. Roy is very positive, adamant and outspoken about what he learned from the NBBQA, his barbecue travels all around the country and how all of that helped him to create his own successful barbecue business.

When asked about the opportunity to speak at the annual conference, Roy Slicker said, "This is going to be a very well-attended meeting this year. I'm very excited that I get to tell people about this great organization, the awesome interaction and networking with them, and the incredible connections made as a result of the NBBQA."

Roy was elected to the NBBQA's Board of Directors in 2009 to represent Region 1, the ten Western states.