XPress Printing in Sisters was named among the top 100 small commercial printing companies in the U.S. by Print Magazine. XPress placed No. 94 on the list published in the July edition.

Company owner and founder Tony Meyer said that he didn’t know that manager Jeff Swales was submitting the data required for the rankings.

“It’s mostly financial benchmarks,” Meyer noted.

The ranking in the top 100 among all of the companies that took the time to assemble and submit the data is gratifying for the Sisters businessman.

“It means we’re one of the most successful small printing companies in the U.S.,” he said.

That’s an accomplishment in a rapidly and constantly changing market.

“We’ve diversified what we do,” Meyer said. “We’re not just printers. We’re heavily involved with communications.”

That means direct mail marketing and fundraising appeals for nonprofits.

“We’re real successful,” Meyer said.

Meyer started XPress Printing in Sisters in the 1980s and has worked to stay abreast of the technological tide that has revolutionized printing and print’s niche in the world of business. He noted that his printing work has moved from predominantly lithograph to now being 90 percent


XPress Printing employs 14 people in Sisters at its shop at 664 W. Hood Ave.