This fall, The Nugget will publish the first edition of a new magazine-format publication that honors the triumphs and achievements of the vigorous and accomplished people who call Central Oregon their home.

Celebrate! Abundant Living in Central Oregon tells the stories of milestones achieved and obstacles overcome, of awards and honors earned in the arts, athletics, and service to the community. From a junior rodeo champion to a lifetime-achievement award for an auto racer; from the decades-long effort to restore Whychus Creek to major business anniversaries, Celebrate! seeks to… well… celebrate the full and vivid lives built by the people who make this special place so special.

In addition to engaging and uplifting storytelling from award-winning writers, Celebrate! will also be a resource guide for creating your own celebrations and marking your own milestones — from weddings to retirements, from arts events to happy holidays.

The abundant life of Central Oregon gives us so much to celebrate, The Nugget invites readers to join in sharing and spreading the joy.

For more information, contact The Nugget at 541-549-9941.