Jeff Taber and wife Sandy Egge create good, nutritious food from scratch. photo by Jodi Schneider
Jeff Taber and wife Sandy Egge create good, nutritious food from scratch. photo by Jodi Schneider
The people-and-dog-friendly Food Cart Garden at Eurosports has welcomed two new food carts this summer: Three Sisters Snack Shack and G Spot Foods and Catering.

One common ingredient for both proprietors is that everything is made from scratch.

At Three Sisters Snack Shack Jeff Taber and wife Sandy Egge always start with fresh products and create food from their own recipes.  

Egge, a naturopathic nutritionist who heads up the research and development for Laird Superfood in Sisters, creates the healthy recipes while Taber runs the cart and is the chef.

“I use my knowledge as a nutritionist and implement it into designing food because food is the way we all fuel ourselves,” said Egge. “I do this as my profession as well as bringing it here as a platform to serve the community and show them that healthy food really tastes great.”

Besides making everything from scratch, Three Sisters Snack Shack uses top quality food with as many organic ingredients as possible.

Taber told The Nugget, “Opening a food cart or restaurant was a dream of ours, and when we relocated to Sisters over a year ago we visited this food court, listened to the live music and noticed the incredible community feel going on here. There was an opening for this slot, and we decided to go for it.”

With Taber’s background as a competitive athlete in high school, college level and then individual sports like triathlons, he realized that how he ate and how he approached eating was the most important factor in becoming an athlete.

Taber said, “Honestly, I didn’t know as much about nutrition until I met my amazing wife Sandy.”

Egge added, “We realize that food can be medicine. So, we take a nutritional approach to how we prepare the food, how we source the food and how well we can make it taste.”

Egge and Taber decided to take a different approach to tacos, a dish they both enjoy.

“They are artisan tacos, something that you don’t find at your everyday Mexican restaurant,” Taber said. “Tacos and then bowls. Pretty much everything we can do with a taco we can put it into a bowl.”

They substitute white corn tortillas with a brown wild rice combination with more ingredients.

He noted, “One of our best sellers is our barbecue tri tip bowl and tacos. One of our most recent creations is a rosemary lemon chicken taco bowl, and we also serve vegans and vegetarians with our rosemary lemon bean taco bowl.”

They rotate their chicken tacos weekly and mentioned that their chile lime chicken taco and bowl is a huge hit along with the Thai fusion bowl.  

Egge and Taber create all dressings from scratch and call them designer salsas. Their honey lime cumin dressing, chipotle sauce and smoky grilled pineapple salsa all really set them


Egge incorporates the Laird Superfood products into the preparation of a few of their dishes.

“We use the Laird Superfood product into our cooking such as our chipotle barbecue sauce that we use for our chicken,” she said. “It has Laird Superfood cacao creamer as an ingredient that gives a rich deep undertone to its flavor profile.”

Three Sisters Snack Shack will have Laird Superfood hydrate products on tap.

She added, “One is pineapple mango, and it’s a coconut water-based hydrate.”

Taber noted, “We want to make the public aware that during the major festival weeks, including 4th of July, we will be serving the public all seven days of the week from 12 (noon) to 7 p.m.”

Next door to Boone Dog Pizza is G Spot Foods and Catering with Wendy Hickey at the helm. She serves up Italian cuisine from scratch with a focus on homemade sauces and pasta.

Hickey grew up in Jefferson City, Missouri, working in an Italian restaurant through high school and college. After practicing law for 19 years she realized her passion was cooking Italian, so she enrolled in culinary school in Denver in


Hickey said, “They had a program through that school where you could study in Italy, so I went to Parma and Brescia, Italy and learned pasta and gelato. Then I sought out on my own education through Cast Alimenti in Brescia, Italy for the gelato part of it.”

The Italian menu at G Spot includes pastas, sandwiches, soup and desserts including gelato.

Hickey noted, “In my name G Spot, the G is short for gelato.

She makes her gelato from Eberhard’s whole milk and cream, adds local berries, hazelnuts, local fruits, coffee and more.

“That makes the batter, and then it goes into a batch freezer which makes the ice cream,” Hickey said.

She added that Northern Italian food accentuates what is local.

“So here I use local produce from local farms, and I make the pasta with Italian flour and I also use Parma meat and Parma cheeses.”

Hickey creates her own pasta, sauces, Italian dressing, ricotta cheese and gelato.

For her desserts, she serves gelato and bakes roulade cakes, brownies, and caramel waffle gelato

sandwiches.  Hickey’s best sellers on the menu are handmade pastas such as cannelloni, fettuccine and toasted


Hickey said, “I love making my own food from scratch because I think it’s important that we get back to those basics and stop the processed food.”