Chinook Shores Lodge, a Southeast Alaska fishing lodge specializing in guided charters and self-guided fishing, has announced lead dock-hand Hayden Wester successfully completed Mariners Learning Systems' OUPV/Six-pack Captain's License coursework and United States Coast Guard (USCG)-approved testing requirements.

The USCG Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV/Six-pack Captain's License) allows Wester to carry up to six paying passengers on uninspected vessels up to 100 gross tons. These are usually smaller vessels that normally engage in charter fishing or tour cruises and limited to six paying passengers - hence the term "Six-pack."

To satisfy OUPV licensing requirements, Wester logged 360 days of documented experience in the operation of vessels, many of which were logged in and around Knudson Cove, Clover Pass and Clarence Straight sport fishing areas.

"This license represents Hayden's long-term commitment to mastering marine navigation, weather systems, equipment and safety," said Chinook Shores Lodge owner and captain Jeff Wedekind. "He has elevated his knowledge to a level that will better serve our clients' needs and help satisfy demand for charter captains in Ketchikan, Alaska."

"I'm always excited to return to Chinook Shores Lodge each June for the annual sport-fishing season to assist clients on the dock," said Wester. "This year I'll be looking forward to putting my navigation and piloting skills to use while spending more time out on the water with clientele."