• I have always been drawn to human emotion. The process of how one “becomes” has forever been fascinating. I was the middle-schooler curling up on the couch after school with my cinnamon toast crunch to “Dr. Phil” and “Oprah,” foregoing MTV and Nickelodeon. I enjoyed playing “therapist” and psychoanalyzing my friends (not sure if they always appreciated this), and I was (with pride) most definitely a playground conflict manager in fifth grade.
  • Author to explore life decision at event
    Should a person become a parent? More specifically, should a woman become a mom? Such questions weren’t always asked in earlier generations; people simply had kids. No longer taken for granted, these decisions inform the twists and turns of a contemporary life path.
  • Lost in Istanbul
    The occasional sound of car tires ambling across the one-lane cobbled street during the night reverberates up densely packed three- and four-story walls of old stone buildings, but this noise fails to rouse us. We’re deep within a substantial jet-lag slumber. High-pitched citywide bullhorns suddenly trumpeting an old man’s pleading sing-song voice, imploring the faithful to come pray at the nearby mosque at 6 a.m. absolutely rousts us. 
  • How the moth became a butterfly — maybe
    It is said that millions of years ago the buckeye on Bela Chladek’s nose was a moth. Bela’s not cross-eyed today, and the buckeyes are also still with us.I’ve created this story for students who are looking forward to college and taking the time to look at this Earth in more detail. I’ve met a lot of them in Central Oregon and I hope many of these bright kids are already into higher education. But just in case…
  • Seattle Seahawks defeat San Francisco 49ers (?)
    Football fans, you need to watch the November 11 Monday Night Football game, the visiting Seattle Seahawks (6-2) playing the undefeated San Francisco 49ers (7-0). National Football League (NFL) Playoff implications? Proof of a fledging legacy? Most likely!
  • Walking in Cow Pies?
    Since we’re in that “shoulder season” for hiking in our area, when the white “termination dust” is calling an end to mountain access and friendly hiking weather, the typical hiker is thinking about hiking alternatives. For more than a few residents of Sisters Country, those “alternatives” often include forays to warmer and sunnier destinations to the south. 
  • I’ve got two Scotties in love. Really! It all began when we adopted Piper and Bernie. Piper is a spayed female and Bernie is a neutered male. Even so, they fell in love. At least Piper fell head over heels in love with Bernie when she first arrived.
  • Way back, when the Sun was a tiny thing and the Big Dipper was a little tin drinkin’ cup, as Reub Long used to say, I was living in the Jones House in Bend with Dean and Lily Hollinshead. One evening, after I had come in from logging with Bob Couch, widening the Brooks-Scanlon logging road between Bend and Sisters, the phone rang.
  • Commentaries dotted The Nugget for weeks. Folks chit-chatted about whether the evening would be tense or free-flowing, whether it might erupt.
  • Keep Halloween safe for your pets
    It’s almost the spookiest night of the year. Halloween is an exciting time for children and families, but it can be stressful and dangerous for your pets.

    This time of year, with jack o’ lanterns, witch costumes, ghosts, ghouls and trick-or-treaters, can be upsetting, frightening, and dangerous for your furry friend.
  • Where have all the bugs and birds gone?
    This is a tough time for me to hit 91, dear readers, for there’s something going haywire in the workings of this beautiful old Planet Earth and I can’t put my finger on it.
  • Gary was heading south for his monthly visit to his mother in Sacramento.
  • Despite a bit of denial after what seemed to be an abbreviated summer, seeing snowflakes on my weekly commute over the Cascades, digging out my mittens, and the sudden necessity of hot coffee in the morning rather than my typical iced latte, has forced me to accept that, indeed, autumn is upon us.
  • I know who 
you are...
    I found a sweet old 1946 wooden-main-spar Cub for sale at the Oregon City airport back in 1966.
  • Dear Property Guy:

    I’m trying to move to Sisters. I just need a little apartment for me and my dog. Can you help me find anything? I need to be under a thousand.

    — Ashland
  • We enjoyed a visit from my cousin and his wife this summer. Their youngest son is twenty-five years old and autistic. One can’t listen to the challenges they faced without great admiration filling the heart.
  • Hobbs Margarét, 32, of Sisters Cattle Company, might be a radical.
  • Keep kitty away from 
the wildlife
    Researchers studied 529 bird species over the last half-century and produced the most comprehensive study ever done on North American birds, according to a recent article in the journal Science.
  • The beaver is Oregon’s state animal and is displayed prominently on our state flag. It’s the largest native rodent in North America.
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Thursday, November 14, 2019
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