• •?The sheriff paid me a visit one evening a while back — long, bizarre story. When he knocked on the door I jumped up, threw the latch, and hollered, “I just locked the door. Are you legit?” Even before he could answer I espied his cruiser and instantly knew he was the real deal.
  • Anyone who has ever stroked a dog’s soft ears or felt the gentle rumble of a cat’s purr knows the calming feeling an animal can offer.
  • The undertaking of aging gracefully is a lot to ask for in a society that fights so hard against what is unavoidable.
  • I really enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, studying the shapes, finding the ones with straight edges first, grouping by color, and seeing the image slowly emerge as one piece locks into another.
  • I suspect that when many of us in Sisters Country read, listen to or watch the local and national news we often say rhetorically, out-loud or simply to ourselves, “Wow, something needs to be done. But what can I do?” . . . and then move on to the next article.
  • With all due respect to Sgt. Bailey and the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, whose service and dedication to professionalism are both real and deeply appreciated by this space, the advice to citizens to stand back and “be a good witness” in the face of crime is ultimately damaging to a community.
  • Citizen scientists needed!
    Keeping up with bats is not an easy job. People who study bats don’t sleep during the normal times of most human beings.
  • This is part of a series on elder abuse awareness, intended to raise community awareness and to provide resources for individuals who are themselves vulnerable or are caregivers, family or friends of vulnerable people.
  • Sisters Country birds
    In many areas of western North America, the melodious song of the black-headed grosbeak (Pheucticus melanocephalus) is a familiar harbinger of spring.
  • The bane of our existence
    Historically, there is no animal on the face of this good Earth who has caused we humans more problems than the mosquito.
  • A hummingbird wannabe
    Well, Good People, hummingbird moths are in season.
  • They’re baaaak!
    By golly, this is a strange time for Pandora moths to pop out of the woodwork… er… soil.
  • Hidden dangers of summertime for your pet
    You’ve got your pet protected from fleas and ticks for the summer, so now it’s time to take him on that camping trip with your family.
  • July 20 marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most remarkable moments in human history.
  • Are cats cuddly companions or fine-tuned killing machines? They’re both, and owners know that.
  • Sisters Country birds
    The chipping sparrow [Spizella passerina] frequents roadsides, bird feeders, mountain meadows and grassy fields across the west.
  • The new American penchant for tribalism isn’t doing us any favors.
  • Back in 1958, I was looking for something to really sink my teeth into. I tried out being a buckaroo, a logger and a powder monkey. I was living with Dean and Lily Hollinshead on George A. Jones Road, in the house George A. Jones occupied when he had the grand idea of making that property into a model Central Oregon fruit farm…which failed because of freezing frost that hit him every spring in that micro-weather zone.
  • I was honored to be a workshop presenter at The Healing Trauma Conference last month. The event was created to provide resources and access to new modalities for healing past traumas and learning new techniques to achieve resiliency. Co-founders Cheryl Mills and Susanne Frilot worked for 9 months putting it together, and when it finally breathed its first breath, it proved to be a labor of love that took on a beautiful life of its own.
  • My perfect Scotties can occasionally get angry at one another. Usually it is about space on the bed. For years our dogs slept on beds in the laundry room. In fact we built this house specifically to accommodate our Scottie pack at the time.
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Saturday, September 21, 2019
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