• What’s happening with Sisters’ weather?
    Except for a couple of light dustings of snow that quickly came and went, Sisters Country has been remarkably free of winter-like conditions even as we advance deeper into the heart of the cold season.
  • New well will add to Sisters’ water system
    Sisters is adding a new well to its water system, which will substantially increase its pumping capacity.
  • Local public officials sworn in
    Three city councilors, two new and one re-elected, were sworn into office on Wednesday. 
  • A 66-year-old Sisters man escaped serious injury after a man fleeing police in Bend crashed into his car.
  • Retiring mayor assesses Sisters
    When Mayor Chuck Ryan took office, the City was just beginning to pull out of a very unsettled time for City government. In a fairly short period of time, the City had had three city managers, and hit a low point in citizen interest and involvement on City commissions and boards.
  • St. Charles boosts C4C Latino outreach
    Citizens4Community (C4C) has received a $5,000 grant from the St. Charles Health System, helping the nonprofit organization to better connect with their Latino neighbors in Sisters Country. Grant funds are being used to pay for Spanish translation services in both digital platforms and in print, including the written translation of the newly launched community website, Sisters Country Community Connects, an online communication and resource hub. 
  • As we welcome 2021, it is important to remember the simple things to be thankful for in life.
  • Across the country, small, striped brown birds with flashy hints of yellow are swarming bird feeders. These delightful birds are pine siskins. Since October of 2020, the tiny finches have streamed south by the thousands in a record-breaking migration event. In one sighting, birders counted a cloud of over 5,000 in October in Cape May, New Jersey. 
  • Growth in Sisters is keeping up a steady pace in early 2021. Numerous commercial and residential projects are in various stages of approval and implementation.
  • Deceased homeless honored in walk
    Living unsheltered in Sisters Country can be difficult, cold, and even deadly. On December 21, Mandee Seeley honored those who have died.
  • Breaking the cycle of incarceration
    Some 45 percent of people in our jails and prisons struggle with mental health challenges, and as many as 75 percent have substance abuse and addiction problems.
  • Central Oregon Partnerships for Youth (COPY), a program of the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, is offering a virtual class to prepare volunteers to become mentors for children with an incarcerated parent.
  • Sisters salutes - 1/6/21
    The Aspen Lakes Estates Owners’ Association held their second annual “Spirit of Christmas Giving 2020” in conjunction with the Sisters-Camp Sherman Rural Fire Protection District’s sponsorship, providing Christmas gifts and assistance to families in need in Sisters Country this holiday season.
  • Sisters restaurant to open despite indoor dining ban

    UPDATED: Governor Kate Brown has issued a statement warning businesses not to open in defiance of state mandates (see sidebar).

    For Tom and Jeannie Gilgenberg Buck, keeping their wine bar and bistro closed indefinitely isn’t an option. The couple opened Cork Cellars for in-restaurant dining on January 1 — in spite of state mandates prohibiting indoor dining in counties deemed at “extreme risk” in the current surge of COVID-19 cases.

  • As The Nugget staff compiled this year-in-review edition, it was brought home with force — as though we needed reminding — that Anno 2020 is not the kind of year anyone wants to remember. Yet, remember it we will.

  • Since July 2019, the Vision Implementation Team (VIT) has been meeting regularly to guide progress on the Sisters Country Vision. The VIT is thrilled to welcome three new community members to the team: Hattie Tehan, Dennis Schimidling, and Bob Bryant.
  • Large numbers of local volunteers will help guide Sisters into the future.
  • Fire destroys Sisters home
    A fire broke out in the wee hours of Sunday, December 20. Firefighters with the Sisters-Camp Sherman Rural Fire Protection District (RFPD) responded to a structure fire early Sunday morning in Sisters. The fire was reported at 2:14 a.m. at 925 E. Ranch Ave. The home is owned and occupied by Janet Pray of Sisters.
  • A career in raptor rescue
    Rescuing an injured raptor is best left to the professionals. Large birds of prey like golden or bald eagles with wingspans sometimes close to eight feet, require expert handling and a licensed rehabilitator. In Sisters, for the past 20 years, Wild Wings Raptor Rehabilitation was the place to call when a raptor needed help.
  • STARS provides essential service
    “The service offered by STARS means we can continue to live in Sisters,” Joann Powers told The Nugget.
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