Camp Sherman will honor its longtime resident deputy Dave Blann with a road sign dedicating the road he kept clear in winter to the memory of his service.

Camp Sherman community members met with Jefferson County Commissioners on Wednesday, October 9, during one of their regular visits to this corner of their jurisdiction. The meeting seemed poised for contention, as the community ardently wished to honor Blann, and the commissioners indicated that they were not comfortable changing the name of the road into Camp Sherman.

But it quickly became clear that all sides were in agreement that Blann, who died suddenly at age 63 last February 15, deserved to be honored for his dedicated, professional law enforcement work in Camp Sherman. In addition to traditional law enforcement duties, Blann coordinated search and rescue efforts in the area and kept Camp Sherman’s roads cleared of snow in the winter.

It was his work on the roads that made it seem appropriate to dedicate the route into Camp Sherman to his memory. And the county commissioners concurred, urging community activists to work with the county public works director and simply find a spot and put up the dedication sign.

There was one caveat from Commissioner Wayne Fording:

“Don’t block anyone’s line of sight — and keep it out of the way of the snowplow. Dave wouldn’t like it if it blocked the snowplow.”

That drew chuckles from the assembled citizens.

In Blann’s absence this winter, snowplowing will be undertaken by a local contractor. A Jefferson County snowplow will be on hand for plowing work to commence at 4 a.m. on snow days.

Blann served Camp Sherman as a Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputy for 24 years and was well-loved in the community — and among his peers.

Last February, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Undersheriff Marc Heckathorn noted that, “Senior Deputy Blann represented the Sheriff in a dignified and professional manner, but was known for his love of the outdoors, humor, and compassion for people. Hanging on the wall in Senior Deputy Blann’s home was a picture of him and a phrase that sums up who he was. It read:


1. Have FUN!

2. Make someone smile.

3. See Rule #1.”