The Sisters City Council will interview three potential candidates for a "Limited Duration City Manager" position on Monday, April 8, starting at 9 a.m. at City Hall.

The hour-long interviews will be conducted in a public meeting, followed by open deliberations by the council at 12:30 p.m.

City finance director Lisa Young, who is organizing the process, told The Nugget that, since the candidates are "interested parties" but not official job applicants, she will not release their names to the public or the media. However, their identities and résumés will be part of the information packet presented to city councilors over the weekend, and will then become part of the public record.

The candidates will interview for the position vacated by the resignation of longtime city manager Eileen Stein last Monday. Public Works Director Paul Bertagna is currently serving as pro tem city manager.

According to Mayor Brad Boyd, the council may hire one of the candidates out of next Monday's deliberations. The position will not be permanent.

"I don't know the exact term, but it's going to be limited duration," Boyd said. "We're going to do a much more extensive, more public search for our permanent city manager."

Boyd told the Nugget that the idea is to give the city as much flexibility as possible in its search for a "permanent" city manager.

The length of the term of service may be a part of the deliberations, Boyd said.

The city charter requires that a city manager be appointed within six months of the position being vacated. Section 24(5) notes that: "The manager shall be appointed for a definite or indefinite term and may be removed by the council at its pleasure."