The new executive director of Sisters Park & Recreation District, Jennifer Holland, has set an impressive goal: to work at continuing to improve SPRD until it “becomes exceptional.”

Holland brings 17 years of parks and rec experience from her former work at Willamalane Park and Recreation in Springfield where her last job was as the program manager of the Bob Keefer Center for Sports and Recreation. Her experience includes work with both youth and adult programming as well as the operations of the center.

After less than a month on the job, Holland has identified several initial broad areas on which she wants to focus.

“I want to build the stability of the organization as well as grow our relationships with our partners. While doing that, we can take a look at how best to leverage our resources,” Holland indicated.

She went on to say that for a small district, “The breadth of programming is impressive.”

Her “to-do list” is long and varied, including looking at the district’s cost recovery methodology in order to set fees in preparation for the new budget process. She looks forward to meeting with community groups, service organizations, and community members to better understand the needs of the community while sharing how the district has been fulfilling the needs identified in last May’s local option levy approved by the voters.

A new strategic plan is needed for 2020-22, based on data from a needs assessment completed this past May. Holland said that most items in the 2017-19 plan have been accomplished and now the board and staff can look at the next steps to take. She would like to see the district conduct an annual needs


“I am excited to work with the school district to address the needs of our youth,” Holland said.

A 2002 graduate of Central Washington University in Recreation Management, Holland is a native of Florida. Her dad being in the Navy, they lived in California before going to the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in Washington state.

Holland and her 11-year old son, Cal, were fortunate to find a house in the Village at Cold Springs, close to work and school. Cal is in the sixth grade at Sisters Middle School and says his favorite class is Spanish. He enjoys baseball, video games, and spending time with his dog, Griffin, a 4-year-old German shepherd/golden retriever mix.

“I love Sisters,” Holland exclaimed. “Everyone is so welcoming and kind. Our neighbors have been so welcoming.”

She loves living in a small town where she can walk to coffee on Sunday morning. She looks forward to experiencing more of the community, the county, and the wilderness as she gets out and about.

“I feel incredibly blessed to be part of SPRD. I appreciate everyone’s welcoming from the very first day on the job. The staff has been wonderful,” she concluded.