Sisters City Manager Eileen Stein resigned effective Monday, April 1, after serving 11 years in the position.

The city council voted in a special session on Monday morning to accept Stein's resignation. The vote was not unanimous; councilors David Asson and Catherine Childress dissented. In a lengthy "open letter to the citizens of Sisters," the dissenting councilors expressed dissatisfaction with the process and disagreement with the decision.

In a prepared and agreed-upon media release signed by both Mayor Brad Boyd and Stein, the former city manager said, "I am proud of our many achievements over the years in making Sisters a community of considerable distinction in the region and around the state. We couldn't have accomplished so much without such a dedicated and professional staff at City Hall."

Mayor Boyd thanked Stein for "her contribution to the City of Sisters."

According to the separation agreement, the city will pay Stein 11 months of severance and cover her insurance for that period, as well as paying for accrued vacation time. The package comes to just under $100,000.

The agreement also includes a letter of recommendation.

The city is likely to tap an interim city manager, who, by charter, can serve a maximum of six months.