Sheriff’s deputies arrested Noah Kirshner, 20, of Sisters in connection with the theft of industrial hemp from a farm east of town.

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office reports that on October 1, deputies were dispatched to a theft of industrial hemp from a farm in the 66000 block of Gist Rd.

The farmer reported finding a substantial amount of industrial hemp cut down and missing from his field.

In a press release, Sergeant Kent Vander Kamp noted that, “The cannabis crop comes in many different strains, or varietals. Many of those are bred into marijuana and have high levels of THC, the psychoactive compound that causes impairment. Industrial hemp is not one of these; legally, industrial hemp is only permitted to have 0.3 percent THC at most. Although industrial hemp looks and smells like marijuana, the hemp plant is used for production of CDB oil and other industrial uses.”

DCSO deputies conducted an investigation and identified 20 year old Noah Gabriel Kirshner of Sisters as the suspect in the crop theft.

“It is undetermined if Kirshner believed the industrial hemp was actually marijuana or if he intended on selling the product fraudulently as marijuana,” Sgt. Vander Kamp reported.

Kirshner did not have the equipment to extract the cannabinoids needed to make CBD oil or other hemp products. The stolen hemp was later recovered from Kirshner’s home and returned to the farmer.

Kirshner was lodged in the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Jail and charged with first degree theft, trespass and probation violation. Kirshner has bee in trouble with the law in Sisters before. In September 2018, police responded to a report of a domestic dispute at 576 E. Jefferson Ave. in Sisters. When law enforcement arrived, they contacted Noah Kirshner outside the residence. Investigators determined that Kirshner had caused extensive damage to a residence and had been throwing rocks at vehicles. Investigating further, they found property in Kirshner’s possession that linked him to multiple vehicle break-ins in the Sisters area that had been reported the morning of September 25.

Kirshner was arrested in that case on one count of first degree criminal mischief; one count of second degree theft; and eight counts of unlawful entry of motor vehicles.

Kirshner was also arrested last July in connection with a fight on the Sisters High School grounds. In that incident, Kirshner was arrested for second degree assault, disorderly conduct and parole/probation violation.