•?Matt and Sue Wessell wrote:

We would like to thank Thomas Landon and all the employees of Dairy Queen in Sisters! Our son, Craig, works at Dairy Queen and relies on his bicycle to get back and forth from work. A few weeks ago, Craig’s bike was stolen. As this was his primary means of transportation, he was in a bit of a bind for a while. Thomas organized an effort to have folks at DQ contribute money in order to cover the costs of a new bike for Craig. The employees of DQ came through in a big way. The generosity of all the people who helped Craig to buy a new bike is something that we greatly appreciate and we say “THANK YOU” to Thomas Landon and the people at Dairy Queen!

•?Carla Merrell wrote:

This note is to the town and townsfolk of Sisters. After 25 years of Sisters citizenship, I am moving to another small town to be closer to family and start my new job. The opportunities that are before me are a culmination of my time and what I’ve learned here in Sisters Country.

Jim Cornelius, you have always inspired me with your words and authenticity and more recently as you taught me courage through accepting truth. I am stronger because of you. Jean Wells, you amaze me with what you have done. I believe Sisters is what it is today due largely to you. Your business skill and bravery with art stimulate me to try. Daly Haasch of Ace Hardware and Wes and Tegan Johnston of The Pony Express, you know how to take on change in business with determination, style and dignity. These qualities will always keep your businesses strong and you do it with the best customer service ever. Rosie Horton of Common Threads, you’ve given me utter delight with your window displays for decades. Your style adds beauty to my life. Tyler Hoyt, you are a good and humble man with a mountain-sized heart who carried me with kindness when I needed it most.

Theresa Robertson of The Hair Caché and Tracy Curtis of Barefoot in Sisters, your principles of goodness and hope have enriched my life. You took the time to see me when I was losing myself and that has made all the difference. To each and every one of you, thank you for what you’ve taught me over the years. I take it with me to my new home town where I will plant it, water it and watch it blossom and bear fruit.

To the general citizenry of Sisters: You have a gem in this town. It is beautiful and full of talented, wonderful people. Yes, others will want to continue to come here and call it home, too.