• 2019 — See ya!
    This year has been the year of “lasts” in our home. It was my senior daughter’s last year of school...last soccer game...last holiday lip synch assembly...last Holiday Hoop Tourney, etc. For Hubs, it’s the “last” term attending school at OSU.
  • The Three Wind development is right next to a significant number of The Pines homes, and four of the high-density apartment buildings abut directly behind these homes, with a so-called buffer of two-inch caliper trees which will take many years to grow into an actual buffer.
  • The evening of January 18 of this year my daughter and her friend were struck by a moving vehicle making a left turn onto North Oak Street from East Cascade Avenue. The two teen girls were walking inside the crosswalk when the vehicle struck my daughter from behind directly on the outside of her right leg, which threw both girls onto the paved surface.
  • A Sisters contractor just completed some work for my house and we were talking about the benefits of electric cars and the real cost of gasoline. I was shocked when he told me that his workforce used 25 percent of the companies fuel up just idling the work trucks unnecessarily. He hopes to eliminate this behavior because it’s an avoidable expense. He had devices installed in his trucks to monitor fuel usage. 
  • It’s great to see so many American businesses taking action against climate change.
  • Although Sisters is a safe community, there is always room for improvement.
  • The planning commission meeting last week was very disappointing. Watching the planning commission working on the new Hayden development, McKenzie Meadows Village, was painful.
  • If you purchase an item from Amazon, they will, in what appears to be a modern miracle, deliver it your door, here in the remotest part of Montana, within a day or two.
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Monday, January 27, 2020
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