An Outlaw Aviation Cessna 172 on final approach into the Madras Airport apparently had an engine failure and was put down in a cow pasture  approximately 3/4 mile short (south) of the runway.

Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins reported that the airplane was flown by a student pilot and an instructor from the Sisters airport. There was one other passenger on board in the rear seat.

Sisters Airport owner Julie Benson told The Nugget that according to her information the student was from COCC.

All three occupants appeared uninjured or had minor pulled muscle injuries, the sheriff reported. The student pilot and passenger were transported to St. Charles Medical Center in Madras to be checked out.

The FAA and NTSB have been notified. Madras Airport Manager Rob Berg is assisting in the investigation and notifications of authority.

“Thank you to Madras Police Officer Slyter for his quick response and for his assistance in the investigation,” Adkins said in a Facebook post. “Jefferson County Fire and EMS were quick to arrive on scene, securing the scene and caring for the plane’s occupants. Speaking as a pilot, the flight instructor and student pilot did an excellent job landing the plane in the pasture and preventing injury and further property damage.”