Just as a wildfire can create its own wind, whipping up a firestorm of destruction, the public health crisis surrounding the COVID-19 virus has the potential to have far-reaching and long-lasting effects on the Sisters community.
And just as Sisters has weathered the impacts of wildfire, we will weather this crisis, too. Hopefully, the aggressive measures being taken now will mean the crisis will fade and Sisters, the nation and the world can return to our normal lives.  But it will require pulling together to get there.
It’s natural in the face of fear and uncertainty to withdraw into the safety of hearth and home; in fact, it’s a prudent safety precaution. But there are things we can — and should — do to support our local community even while we’re protecting ourselves.
Local businesses are going to be hit hard by a severe contraction in economic activity. Every little bit of support will help them. If a lot of us do a little, we can together weather this crisis. Quarantining yourself? Stock up on a bunch of good books. Don’t want to go out to a restaurant? Order a meal or two a week to-go from a local restaurant. Maybe call a local shop and buy a gift card — you can pick it up later after the crisis has passed.
Local families with children are going to be under duress due to the three-week closure of Sisters schools. Perhaps, if your circumstances allow, you can reach out and help them with child care — or maybe just keep an eye on your neighbor’s kids while they stay at home.
This crisis is also likely to increase the need at the Sisters Kiwanis Food Bank; donations, especially of cash, are welcome there.
Sisters prides itself on being a tight-knit, resilient community. There is no time like the present to demonstrate that to the world.
Jim Cornelius