Most of us who live in Sisters Country would say that we choose to be here because of the natural beauty and the sense of community that is becoming increasingly hard to sustain in modern American life.

And a lot of us would say that Sisters gives us an opportunity to enjoy a healthier way of life - in mind, body and spirit. There's a lot to be said for the benefits to all three of being able to hit the road for a ride or get out on the trail for a hike within minutes of leaving home. And living in a community where people genuinely care about each other can't help but be good for you.

All of those qualities draw health and fitness professionals to Sisters. Just as Sisters has become renowned as an arts-and-music community, it is also becoming known as a hub for those who make a living and a life promoting health, fitness and well-being.

The Nugget has spent the past couple of weeks compiling stories centered around health and fitness, and we can testify that the passion and commitment we have seen in the people who are working and creating in related fields is truly extraordinary.

That's a pretty remarkable gift to all of us, and just one more reason to be grateful to have found ourselves in this place at this time.


Jim Cornelius

Editor in Chief