Sisters GRO is trying to secure a $6,000 matching grant to improve the GRO technology systems.

Sisters Graduate Resource Organization (GRO) was established 10 years ago. In that time, it has grown in both the number of scholarships it awards each year and the amount of the scholarships. To launch into the next 10 years, Sisters GRO would like to develop a more robust website and database to keep up with changing technology and to make the scholarship process less manual. Grant funds will fund a redesign of Sisters GRO's website with added cyber security; design and installation of a database system to record and monitor donor and student data relative to donations and scholarship awards - also with an added data security systems.

The technology enhancement is expected to immediately enable the GRO organization to become more digitally effective, efficient and safe leading to the provision of more scholarships for the roughly 100+ SHS senior graduates. To make a donation to help Sisters GRO make the technology upgrade and for Sisters GRO to receive the matching grant that has been established, contact Sisters GRO at