"The science of today is the technology of tomorrow," said physicist Edward Teller.

This year's Sisters Science Fair is loaded with scientific experiments, demonstrations, competitions and much more to steer us into the technology of tomorrow. The fair will be held at Sisters High School Saturday, March 16 from noon until 4 p.m. and everyone is invited to come and experience the fascinating science of today and tomorrow.

St. Charles Medical Center will educate about healthy eating habits and will bring information about intriguing health careers. They will also bring their resuscitation dummy to teach or refresh knowledge about the correct method of resuscitation in the event we are witness to a person who has stopped breathing or has no heartbeat.

Sisters High School biology teacher Rima Givot will have plenty of activities to keep everyone enthralled with the science of today and technology of tomorrow. Microscopes allow visitors to investigate the world in miniature and there will be plenty of microscopes and students to interpret what is seen. As skills increase, visitors can move onto micropipetting, chemical pollutant research, or perhaps explore the fascinating mission of the RECON Asteroid Citizen Science Project.

Then they can move further along to the skies for some technology of tomorrow. OMSI will have a sophisticated planetarium and high school students will have telescopes set up. Outlaw Aviation and Sisters Airport will have a demonstration of their flight simulator starting at 1 p.m. The Rocket Club will offer an opportunity for students to build and launch rockets at the high school. If this seems too astronomical for you, then head over to participate in the paper airplane contest. It's a fun challenge open to all ages to try their hand in folding, launching and flying the paper gliders that originated in ancient China.

The world of critters will not be forgotten, with an exhibit on the migration of mule deer in Sisters Country from Project Animal Migration (PAM). They will be showing movies every half hour so be sure to check out their schedule. Then make sure to learn about the evolution of horses at an exhibit from COCC along with a captivating display of fossils. Mike Reile, from the Sisters Ranger District, will have a fish exhibit that includes live fish.

The SciArt Contest challenges students to use their imaginations and "find the art in science." Stop and see a display of elementary, middle and high school entries and marvel at the creativity and inspiration of these potential scientists of tomorrow.

Once again, the Design, Construct and Compete (DCC) Contest will take over the high school gym and this year the elementary students will be racing balloon cars, and middle and high school students will participate in a complicated and challenging tennis ball launch. Cash prizes will be given to the winners, so don't miss out on this challenge.

To find out more about the Sisters Science Fair visit the Sisters Science Club website at sistersscienceclub.org.