The Roundhouse Foundation has provided to Sisters GRO a $6,000 matching grant to support the ASPIRE program at Sisters High School.

The ASPIRE resource is a 1:1 program designed to help students (and parents) navigate the post-high-school path and education decisions. Students are matched with volunteer mentors from the community starting in the junior year.

The matching grant opportunity will go a long way to help support the ASPIRE program. Contact Karen Hensley, [email protected], if you can provide any contribution (small or large) to help match the generous Roundhouse grant opportunity.

The Roundhouse Foundation has expanded its enrichment scholarship funds to include all Sisters school students in K-12. The Roundhouse Foundation has generously provided funding for all three of Sisters' public schools, allowing students from the elementary, middle, and high schools to apply for enrichment experience scholarships throughout the 2017-2018 school year.

The enrichment scholarship program is designed to provide out-of-school experiences that help the student reach for their higher potential.

Examples of some of the eligible programs throughout Oregon are posted online at