Indulge in the last flavors of summer; there is nothing like the sweet burst of a sungold cherry tomato.

Two opportunities provide the summer flavors this week, Seed to Table’s Fall Harvest Dinner on Saturday, September 14, and the Sisters Farmers Market each Sunday, through the end of September. The early fall is perhaps the most bountiful time for Central Oregon’s local food scene, and Seed to Table has had one of their best years yet. Celebrate local foods through the end of the month by joining in their dinner and filling your fridge at the Farmers Market.

At Seed to Table Farm, warm temperatures have brought ripe fruits and veggies galore. The Fall Harvest Dinner is the true culmination of months of work. Fall is the time to truly celebrate the bounty that Central Oregon can provide.

“The ripe tomatoes are so heavy, the plants can barely hold themselves up,” said Seed to Table’s Audrey Tehan. “It is true, we have had the tomatoes nearly pull down part of a greenhouse they are so heavy with ripe. A tomato a day keeps the doctor away is my new saying around this time of year. In addition, a record of 20 red bell peppers has decorated a single pepper plant! The pole beans are growing through the roof of our 14-foot-tall greenhouse and the zucchini has provided ample amounts of zucchini muffins.”

In Central Oregon we only get a small window for eating and purchasing these nutrient-dense and local foods.

The Fall Harvest Dinner has tickets available at

Stop by the Sisters Farmers Market from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Fir Street Park each Sunday through the end of the month.