Cody Tweeten has a wide and deep background in exerices to bring to the benefit of his new clients at Sisters Athletic Club (SAC).

Tweeten comes to SAC from Wyoming, where he worked as a Certified Exercise Physiologist. As such, he has expertise in both corrective exercise — work designed to fix problems with movement and function — and sports performance. And he can work with just about anyone.

“I have a background with little kids, teenagers, college athletes, middle-aged folks, grandmas and grandpas,” he said. “I can help people before they get injured,” he said. “And that’s what I want to do. I’d rather do prehab than do rehab.”

The two keys to health and fitness really boil down to diet and exercise — and Tweeten maintains a straightforward approach to both. He doesn’t go in for diet fads, believing that sustainable habits are the only way to really affect dietary change.

“Diet programs — as far as I go is eat as clean as possible,” he told The Nugget.

Cut out as much sugar as possible and eat whole foods rather than processed foods.

Sustainability is key to exercise programs, too. People will only stick to programs that are satisfying to them.

“As far as workouts go, it’s really whatever the person likes,” he said. “I do like to steer people toward strength training because there are so many added benefits,” he said. (See related story, page 19.)

With his background as a certified exercise physiologist he can add exercises into a program to head off potential problems.

Tweeten came to Sisters Athletic Club after his wife, Abby, got a job as a registered nurse in Central Oregon. Central Oregon suits him to a tee.

“I’m excited to move over here, ’cause there’s all kinds of stuff,” he said.

He likes to hike, hunt, rock-climb, play basketball and volleyball.

“My wife tells me I have too many hobbies,” he said with a smile. “I can’t get any more.”

But then there’s cycling and skiing and some world-class fly-fishing streams…

To inquire about Tweeten’s personal training service, contact him through SAC at cody@ or call 541-549-6878.