• To the Editor: 

    I started my career as a licensed helicopter mechanic in the early 1970s. I worked heavy-lift helicopter for the good part of 46 years. 
  • To the Editor:

    Last week Bill Kemp asked those readers of The Nugget, that are also supporters of Trump, “What would it take for them to abandon their support of him?” My immediate response to that question is: What is my choice? 
  • To the Editor:

    Over the last 3-1/2 tumultuous years I have asked many of my friends who happen to support Trump, “What would it take for them to abandon their support of him?”
  • Appreciating jim Anderson; BLM; forests...
  • Editor’s note:

    We are entering the cauldron of an election cycle that may be as heated as any in American history. The Nugget welcomes opinion from across the political spectrum, and we expect those opinions to be vigorously expressed. Argue for persuasion, not for provocation; refrain from name-calling or personal attacks on other letter-writers.
  • To the Editor:

    The tirade against Jim Cornelius (Letters to the Editor, The Nugget, August 5, page 2) represents the attitude of too many demonstrators we have seen, i.e. “my way or the highway.” It should make thoughtful people take notice.
  • To the Editor:

    Central Oregonians deserve leaders who understand how to protect our communities from wildfires — and who will take decisive action. Commissioner Henderson is not such a leader. In The Nugget’s August 5 story, “Defending Sisters Against Wildfire,” he blames inadequate wildfire preparedness on one factor — too few days to implement prescribed burns — and suggests that additional funding will not make a difference. 

  • To the Editor:

    I am anxious enough living in a time of pandemic and so limit myself to about 30 minutes of reading the news about the latest outrage from Trump. Unfortunately, I stumbled across the opinion piece by Jim Cornelius published July 29 opining on the Portland Troubles (“Echoes of tumult,” page 6).
  • To the Editor:

    A few years ago there was an excellent article in The Nugget about our noxious toxic knapweed invading Sisters. I see currently knapweed has totally invaded the corner property near the Lodge & Post Office. It is now blooming and can release up to 25,000 seeds per plant, covering Sisters. The plant makes soil toxic to native plants plus it can be toxic to horses. It is difficult to eliminate. 

  • To the Editor:

    Before you publish a slew of letters in support of anonymous federal troops in unmarked vehicles taking prisoner people on the streets of Portland, you might point out the hypocrisy — the whole Malhuer occupation of federal lands in Burns by the Bundy-led group, including destruction of federal property, which was supported by the Proud Boy types who have not uttered a peep about sending federal troops into Portland to take people off the streets in order to protect federal property.
  • Clarification 

    In The Nugget’s July 8 editorial “Wear your mask,” the daily death toll from coronavirus was cited as totaling about 1,000 for all age groups. It is more accurate to state that — allowing for a couple of spikes well above 1,000 — the daily number has hovered between 500 and 1,000 through most of June and into July (down from peaking at 4,900 in a single day on April 16).

  • To the Editor:

    I’m writing to express thanks to Craig Eisenbeis for his article “Oregon’s History Steeped in Racism” in the July 1 issue of The Nugget. It was painful to be reminded that laws in force in Oregon in my lifetime discriminated against African Americans. I grew up in Medford in the 1950s. I don’t think any Blacks lived there then. 
  • To the Editor:

    Maybe you have read in some of my previous Letters to the Editor and determined that I have considerable dislike for our two party system of government. 
  • To the Editor: 

    I want to thank everyone who helped with the Class of 2020 Street Banner and Keepsake Project. 
  • To the Editor:

    I’m a “Pandemic” 2020 Graduate of Sisters High.
  • Letters to the Editor - 6/10/2020
    To the Editor:

    We went with masks to the Redmond Vigil, May 31. There might have been 100 of us, including children. The sun was setting. It began with statements by the organizer and then locals were encouraged to speak and some (whites mostly and a few of color) stepped up and took the sterilized megaphone. 
  • To the Editor:

    As a member of and volunteer with the Sisters Rodeo for 14 years, my most special memory is this:
  • To the Editor:

    I have never met Kay Grady that I am aware of, but I think I would like to meet her when social distancing is over, and shake her hand. 
  • To the Editor:

    Save Sisters’ trees!
  • To the Editor:

    Re: May 6, 2020, “Communications is Key as Sisters ‘reopens’ by Mayor Chuck Ryan and City Manager Cory Mosley.”
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