To the Editor:

I want to thank the Sisters Chamber of Commerce and its members for the unexpected honor of being chosen and awarded the Presidents Award. When I heard my name announced at the Chamber Dinner & Awards, I was speechless and humbled by such an honor.

I also want to thank the Sisters community for allowing me to capture so many wonderful and exciting moments in their daily lives. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderful people and organizations that make up the greater Sisters community and be allowed to capture so many awesome moments.

I especially want to thank my beautiful wife, Marlene, for the amazing encouragement and support that I am given. I also want to thank our local newspaper for their encouragement, acknowledgement and support. God bless all those that live here and those whose lives I have touched.

Go Outlaws!

Jerry Baldock

Outlaws Photography


To the Editor:

Pete Rathbun has been a familiar face at Sisters Folk Festival for more than 10 years. Amidst organizational changes that are currently underway, Pete has decided step down at the Folk Festival.

Sisters Folk Festival is very thankful to Pete for the significant contributions he has made during his tenure. In his role, Pete has been instrumental in troubleshooting and technical support in the office and during events. Pete is actively assisting with our transition to ensure our future success, including software and database management, as well as a variety of other responsibilities needed for the production of events. Pete's expertise has assisted SFF in setting the bar for the quality of public events for which the festival is known.

The changes taking place at Sisters Folk Festival will ultimately result in an organization that is structured to address the growing needs of serving our community, including increased programming in our newly acquired building and the larger role SFF plays in the cultural development of Sisters as a true arts community. With this increased capacity, the role of technical manager will continue to be one of great importance to the organization.

We truly applaud Pete for his support and contribution to building the Sisters Folk Festival organization and wish him success in his new endeavor.

Sue Boettner

Sisters Folk Festival Board of Directors


To the Editor:

I met Dave Blann, our Camp Sherman deputy sheriff, about 20-some years ago. He died this week and will be greatly missed in our community.

Dave, when I first met him, lived on John Wayne Lane, near the fire and police building in Camp Sherman. One of Dave's good friends pasted fake bullet holes on the John Wayne lane sign leading to Dave's home. You had to know Dave lived there.

Besides being Deputy Dave, he also handled road snow-plowing for Jefferson County in Camp Sherman. Dave also was head of the Camp Sherman transfer station, which handles garbage and recycled materials for Camp Sherman.

I last met Dave while sitting on the bench in front of the Camp Sherman Store. We chatted briefly and I got to tell him how much I appreciated his service to the community. Boy, am I glad now that I had that opportunity to thank him.

There are many good people, but Dave had to be among the best. We will all miss his presence.

Conrad Weiler


To the Editor:

I want to set the record straight. I want the community to know that teachers of the Sisters School District made the book "George" available for students in the spring of 2018.

This was done behind the backs of parents and tax-payers. I find this to be troubling. What else is going on in the classroom behind our backs? It's very alarming the superintendent, who is also a parent, was ignorant of what was going on in our daughter's classroom.

Tyson Sakagawa