To the Editor:

Re: the letter in the February 27 edition from Lane Jacobsen about customers buying from local, independently owned businesses: I agree with him wholeheartedly. I have been doing that for years with the simple belief, as I have long been telling people, "What would you rather support, a literally 'Mom and Pop' family-owned-and-operated business or some soulless corporation?"

As Mr. Jacobsen pointed out, local businesses keep tax dollars in the community whereas corporations like Amazon, as was very recently pointed out in the news, pay zero. As a final point (to be clear, I have nothing to do with his store and live in the L.A. area), go to the store's website, click on the "Community" link and read the "We Share A Community" part. Sums it all up quite nicely.

Rodney Gregson


To the Editor:

One of my favorite straight-talking comedians is the late Joan Rivers. Given that, "Can we talk?" What's with the racist party-of-slavery extreme leap to Socialism - many ideologies similar to Communism? They and their co-merchants of hate in the FAKE news propaganda machine obviously detest Trump more than they care for America. Live news from Venezuela gives a clear picture of what their agenda offers: a historically proven failure.

All the new Democratic candidates for president seem to be jumping on the extreme socialist bandwagon in one form or another.

The new "boss" of the Democratic Party, AOC, even has the hate Trump FAKE journalist at CNN squeamish at her outrageous rhetoric. In a way I feel sad for her; now the brunt of jokes on social media.

I don't think extreme is rare for the racist party of slavery. Racism has been their tool of choice in pushing their agenda as long as I can remember. It was only a couple days ago that Will Smith was targeted for not being "black enough" to star in a role as father of the Williams tennis sisters. Seriously?!

In trying to outdo other extreme liberals in New York, several states are jumping on the bandwagon to approve abortion up to the time of delivery. (And Trump is called a Nazi?!)

In my opinion the Democratic Party has completely lost its moral and ethical compass in a span of one generation. Where's the commitment to an oath of office with their hand on the Bible? Just look at the contrast between John F. Kennedy, who put a man on the moon; and Barrack Obama, who put men in women's restrooms. Pretty much says it all.

Jeff Mackey


To the Editor:

Senate Bill 47, the Natural Resources Management Act, recently passed both houses as part of a package of major public lands bills. This act includes Sen. Ron Wyden's version of House Bill 2075, the Crooked River Ranch Fire Protection Act, introduced in the House by Rep. Greg Walden.

I want to thank both Sen. Wyden and Rep. Walden for their efforts to help prevent wildfires on public lands adjacent to Crooked River Ranch through passage of SB 47. Sen. Wyden's amendments to Rep. Walden's bill improved wildfire protection through the release of 688 acres of Wilderness Study Area while providing for fuels reduction and restrictions on vehicular access.

Now there is the opportunity to build upon the work started with this legislation and address other unresolved issues on public lands near Crooked River Ranch, such as vandalism and the destruction of precious natural resources. There are significant recreational, fishery, wildlife, scenic, and archeological values associated with these lands that deserve special designation to provide permanent protection. Let's hope our congressional delegation will now work with the concerned public to protect the larger Lower Crooked, Middle Deschutes and Lower Whychus Creek area.

Henry Mottl