To the Editor:

This is in response to T.Lee Brown’s column in the June 5 issue (“In the Pines,” page 18). Her reminisce of Sisters Coffee Company a few years back hit a chord with this long-time patron of the business.

However, when she “commenced eavesdropping” on a nearby conversation, my hackles went up and alarm bells started ringing. It’s bad enough that Facebook invades our privacy and Alexa butts into conversations, but for someone to actually admit that she is listening to a private conversation, and is now getting paid to admit that, is pretty low.

She also laments that the gentlemen, old-timers who’ve seen Sisters through thick and thin, didn’t respond to her smile as she walked by. She thereby made the assumption that they were the “unwelcoming, closed-off core of Sisters.” Did it occur to her that they were engrossed in the conversation and were focused on one another and didn’t even notice her?

It must have been a good chat, since she soon became engrossed in it as well.

The rest of her rambling column, much of which I skipped over because I didn’t want to also eavesdrop on a private conversation, concluded with the thought that some of the old ways aren’t worth preserving. All because a crusty older bloke wouldn’t smile at her and she listened to a conversation that was none of her business.

It’s kind of sad.

Allan Godsiff