To the Editor:

I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone in Sisters Country who wished me a speedy recovery after my health crisis last spring.

From the huge get well card (that the Chamber of Commerce circulated for the businesses in Sisters to sign) to the many personal messages from friends, I had no choice but to get better.

To the City of Sisters, Sisters Chamber of Commerce and my many friends and business associates, I want you to know that your messages encouraged me. Your help with maintaining my home, business and support for my wife, Tove, will always be remembered.

My special thanks to the members of Sisters Rodeo and our board of directors for setting their sights on making the 79th rodeo a huge success without me. It is rewarding to learn that everyone understands what it takes to bring the rodeo to fruition and then get it done to give our fans and contestants a great experience.

For the first time ever, I attended the rodeo on Sunday as a spectator. Even there, I was greeted by long-time rodeo friends and our great contract help. It sure has been a time of warm reflection on my life in this community.

My future is looking positive. I keep getting great reports from my physicians about my improvement. For all of you who cared and stepped up, my gratitude and appreciation for helping me get here.

Glenn Miller