To the Editor:

A sheriff’s deputy came to my house July 24 with the remains of three bills I’d put into the outgoing mail slot.

What was returned was the envelopes of the three, one of the checks and two of the payment vouchers. Two checks are missing and one voucher which also contained my SSN. Whoever did this now has my name, address, SNN and bank information.

This is not a petty crime; this is a federal offense as well as a state felony. My cluster mail unit is across the street from the new Ponderosa Heights apartment complex on Brooks Camp Road. There has been an increase in crime since these apartments have been occupied, the deputy had another stolen envelope besides the three mentioned above, the club house property for the Pines adjacent to this cluster mail unit was vandalized in May, there has been other instances as well.

Is this the new face of Sisters? Can we no longer feel safe about putting our mail into the outgoing mail slot? What’s next? This cluster mail unit is used by the Pines community which includes 50 homes in the 55 and over section known as Brooks Camp Village, most of the residents of BCV are well into their 70s and many in their 90s, are we putting our senior community at risk when they simply want to collect and send mail?

This is a sad state when one can no longer feel safe in a small town such as Sisters.

Chris Carr