To the Editor:

This letter is addressed to the low-life who stole my garage sale signs around noon on Friday, August 9, from the intersection of east-bound Highway 126 and Holmes Road, as well as Holmes and Fadjur Lane.

Good job!

Let me tell you what this sale was all about. I, along with a lot of other amazing ladies, came together to donate quilting, sewing and crafting items to raise funds for another member of our quilting group who has fallen on hard times. She is losing the room that she has rented for quite some time at the end of this month and as of now has no idea of where she is going to live. She also is on a very limited budget, living on $900 a month. She is a most giving person, volunteering for Friends of the Library and the Senior Center

 in Redmond.

I hosted the sale because I have a three-bay garage. We set up over 20 tables loaded with her fabric stash as well as that donated by others. We did a bang-up job Friday morning but only had three people show up that afternoon. Thank heavens for their tenacity to take the time to find us!

To make up for the dismal results on Friday we discounted everything by 40 percent the following day. Our goal was to raise $1,500. We barely made half that


Sisters is better than this! So to everyone else, if you ever see really nice garage sale signs made from unclaimed election signs, covered with blank newsprint with a hot pink sign in the center that says G SALE with an arrow, just know that they will lead you to a thief! Karma will eventually catch up with them; just wish I could be around when it does!

Marcy Narzisi


To the Editor:

There has always been and will always be evil individuals who take pleasure in harming innocent people. Likewise there will always be evil governments that do not kill people by the dozens or hundreds but rather by the thousands and millions.

The founders of our country understood this and gave us the Second Amendment as a basic political and human right; the right of self defense. It was never intended that our people were to be serfs and regarded as deplorables.

Being armed is not selfish. It is our obligation to freedom.

Larry Benson


To the Editor:

The first president I remember was General Dwight D. Eisenhower who was the Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe. His leadership was instrumental in defeating the impenetrably dark Nazis. Now, at the other end of my life, the country elected a president applauded and cheered by Nazis.

I often wonder what Ike would have thought about the terrible arc this nation has taken in one lifetime. I fervently hope for a renaissance of reason and fellowship very soon.

Stella Dea