To the Editor:

Mr. Seymour, the planning commission chair, states in The Nugget, Wednesday, September 4, “the commission is always trying to balance (and balance is the key word here) economic development with quality of life.”

If so, why are the recent affordable houses clustered in one place rather than integrated in the community? Why is Dollar General sited right on top of a senior citizen development?

We all know why — so that these potential problem areas (see previous Nugget letters) are all out of sight of the expensive homes and their occupants (NIMBY).

The city council and the planning commission are making sure that no negatives interfere with Sisters’ high-end enterprises.

John Lighty


To the Editor:

In the September 4 Nugget, guest columnist Rian Schermerhorn laid out what in my opinion was an excellent response to Laura West’s August 28 letter.

It was backed by facts, and an intelligent discussion of issues.

Part of Rian’s discussion focused on the characterization of the Squad and their narcissistic use of skin color against those that call them out for their outrageous and hateful rhetoric. As we approach remembering 9/11, remember Omar’s description as “some people did something.” Coupled with Omar’s continued anti-Semitism, it reveals the extent of hate within her heart and her true character.

While much of the press continues to fawn over the Squad, I wonder if they realize there are other new representatives in Congress. I can think of 3 who served honorably in our military and are Purple Heart recipients as well:

•?Jim Baird, Republican from Indiana, lost his left arm in Vietnam.

•?Brian Mast, Republican from Florida, lost both legs in Afghanistan.

•?Dan Crenshaw, Republican from Texas, lost his right eye in Afghanistan.

Jim Baird, oldest of the three for example, has an amazing record easily searched on Google. The contrast in experience and character from those in the Squad is telling. It highlights the extreme left bias in press coverage of those representing American values and best suited for determining America’s future direction.

Jeff Mackey


To the Editor:

The planning commission and the city council are all volunteer positions. I want to thank them for their service. The city has a paid planning staff that basically controls what happens in Sisters. They advise and sometimes dictate to the planning commission and city council as to what they will do. A classic example is the McKenzie Meadows/Village at Cold Springs decision.

It is time for the city manager, the paid planning staff, the planning commission and city council to take responsibility and make decisions that are in the best interest of the citizens and local businesses in Sisters. It is time for them to address the proposed Dollar General Store! Is building the Dollar General store right next door to Bi-Mart in the best interest of Bi-Mart? I do not think so! Bi-Mart has been in Sisters over 10 years, and the employees that are also owners live in the area. Bi-Mart supports local nonprofits, they put up posters to support events, they donate food to the Sisters Food Bank and much more.

Dollar General is a very large, 15,000 stores, over $4 billion in annual sales and growing. They have thousands of employees. This company has no connection to Sisters. They are only interested in selling and making money. Have they talked to anybody about community support? Do we need a large corporate box-type store in Sisters? Are they using any local contractors or bringing in out-of-state workers? That is not supporting business in Sisters! We have the contractors and people to do this project.

Is it in the best interest of the citizens that will have to fight more traffic? Remember, the city has approved the additional traffic from the 500-plus Hayden homes, the 40-plus units from Housing Works, all the new Habitat homes and high school traffic. Look at the mess of trying to enter the roundabout now. This will be a serious problem

Remember “BUY LOCAL.” The Dollar General is not buying local. All the profits will go back to corporate in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Do we really need Dollar General? I don’t think so.

Doug Wills


To the Editor:

Hooray, hoping to get a Dollar General in Sisters, I think it would be a boon for all.

I am sure they wouldn’t be a deterrent for Bi-Mart; but it would be wonderful to have another place to shop that isn’t so expensive! AND rumor has it Winco is coming to Bend, another boon!

We both are born and raised in Bend/Sisters, as well as siblings, kids, cousins. We live close to Sisters and shop frequently in the community; so not transplants wanting more! Enjoy.

Gary & Jeri Johnson


To the Editor:

Rian Schermerhorn’s September 4 editorial in The Nugget “Truth or narratives?” urges us to stop using false narratives and that to do so is irresponsible and adds to the growing divisiveness throughout the country. Rian encourages us to seek the truth and do the research with an objective mind.

As an example Mr. Schermerhorn uses to make his point, he refers to Laura West’s excellent August 28 letter to the editor. In it Ms. West wrote about Trump’s “denigration of Mexican immigrants as rapists.” Mr. Schermerhorn believes it’s a false narrative because Ms. West left out the part where Trump said: “Most are honest, hardworking people just looking for a better life.” Although maybe she left that out because he never actually said it. He did say, “Some, I assume, are good people.” (Ms. West also didn’t mention Trump’s comment, “These aren’t people. These are animals,” which, of course, Rian also left out of the narrative.)

Mr. Schermerhorn continues to pick and choose the narrative to fit his views. He cites crime statistics on immigration from The Texas Department of Public Safety in order to prove Trump was right (and therefore not a racist?) when he said “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” Mr. Schermerhorn, in all his research and with his objective mind, must not have seen the article titled, “Is the Texas DPS Skewing its Border Security Stats - Again?” Or the article “For the Last Time, Here’s the Real Link Between Immigration and Crime” showing that where immigration grew violent crimes decreased, and another study that found of the 10 cities that received the most refugees in the last 10 years there were significant drops in crime.

Trump is a racist, Mr. Schermerhorn. Your attempt to justify and normalize Trump’s vile comments and truly vicious actions against people of color and anyone who disagrees with him is irresponsible. You seem to have fallen for the radical far-right’s agenda, particularly Fox News. I suggest you take your own advice when searching for the truth because in your own words: “it helps no one to simply spew rhetoric and false narratives.”

Terry Weygandt