To the Editor:

Mark Floyd's story last week (The Nugget, December 12, page 17) drives home the consequences of global warming on everyone, not just those that live on the edge of the ocean. The impacts are being felt everywhere now, including Central Oregon. We all had to breath toxic smoke from California for months this year, which may raise the cancer rates for all affected. There are weather disasters in the U.S. reported on the news every two or three days now, including hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, wildfires, droughts, or deep snow.

These are not normal, and are causing governors to declare "emergency" status so the federal government will contribute recovery money.

This is a global crisis that will only get a lot worse if every one of us does not do our part. Mitigation is necessary, but this is only a band-aid. The trends MUST be reversed. Doing our part does not mean just supporting transition from coal-fired power plants to green energy, although this is important. CO2 emissions from cars and trucks are equal to emissions from power plants, likely even bigger in Oregon because we rely so much on hydro-power.

Therefore, doing our part means buying electric vehicles, fuel-efficient vehicles and hybrids. It means limiting unnecessary travel in gas vehicles. It means turning the engine off when parked. The emissions from your car don't just dissipate on the ground locally, they migrate to the upper atmosphere where they contribute to global warming.

Every household and business should be replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs, so that other polluting power plants are not used for our power and California and Washington get clean power from us when we have excess. Every household should be buying efficient heat-pumps and avoiding burning of inefficient fireplaces unless absolutely necessary. Old woodstoves should be replaced with efficient ones.

If everyone did their part, we might leave a decent healthy environment to our children and their children to enjoy. If you care about them at all, make these small sacrifices. It's that serious.

Steve Nugent


To the Editor:

Target practice at the Zimmerman Cinder Pit has been going on for decades. We have lived within earshot of it since 1992. Until about 10 years ago, the noise was just a single shot to a target. Reload ... and fire again. The normal hours were mostly weekends between 8 a.m. and early evening. I took part in this sport at the Pit and greatly enjoyed it. Shooters picked up their brass and cartridges, etc.

But no more; it's a different crowd up there now. Some are not sportsmen at all. They litter the area and the firing goes on non-stop with every type of rapid-fire rifle along with the exploding targets. Shooting starts at daylight and goes well after dark. Rapid fire that is easily heard in the residential communities of Indian Ford, Cascade Meadow Ranch, and Tollgate and other surrounding areas.

This annoyance needs to be curtailed. Who does it? Deschutes County? USFS ? It needs to be done because these activities are having a negative impact on Sisters Country.

Pete Kershaw


To the Editor:

In response to "The Bunkhouse Chronicle: Good citizenship in the age of lying liars," The Nugget, December 11, page 9):

I just wanted to say a couple things in regards to the political climate of this country. I genuinely feel like the only way we can fix this epidemic of lying political leaders and deceptive news stations is to strengthen our own communities.

When your own political leaders and media stations are lying to you, it's time to establish trust in the people around you. The level of distrust and dishonesty that I have seen in this political system is astounding. It is practically a joke to me now. The sobering truth is that this is actually not healthy for anyone because it is not ideal to feel like you are being lied to by someone who is your nation's official leader. But what I have discovered is that responding with hatred is only fueling the fire of things that we don't want. It seems quite apparent that this is why the media is being used to spur such animosity between our citizens.

Love is the only thing that can actually heal this nation. Regardless of your race, religion, lifestyle, or views - I think we can all agree that love is the only thing that can unite us. How can a country stand strong when its own citizens are hating each other? If everyone in this country just committed themselves to being more genuinely loving to themselves and the people around them, these issues would start to vanish.

Andrew Roe


To the Editor:

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed how often the term "racist" is used as a political weapon? One would have thought things would be better after the leadership of an African American elected twice for President. Wear the wrong costume as a 5-year-old for Halloween: racist! You believe in borders: racist! You support Trump: racist! Non-white loses election: opponent and supporters are racist!

Having grown up in the South in the early 1950s I witnessed the era of brown and white drinking fountains and "Whites Only" signs on restaurant doors. Actual history reveals the birth, growth, and establishment of racism rooted within our country.

Which party sacrificed close to 500,000 killed, wounded, or missing in order to preserve the enslaving of other human beings? Which party gave birth to the KKK? According to Tuskegee Institute, 4,743 people were lynched between 1882 and 1968. Party of Lincoln, don't think so! Which are the Party of Jim Crow laws that came after the Civil War? Remember George Wallace standing at a school's entry to prevent a young African American girl from entering. Who murdered Dr. King, Republican NRA member or Democrat? Remember Robert Byrd; once a very active member of the KKK (other prominent Dems as well). Which party did Oregon's own disgraceful KKK expand out of? You guessed it, Democratic.

Who then are the real racists? They use terms like "dog-whistle," "house Negro," "Uncle Tom" and most recently "ignorant man-child." They have the audacity to insist African Americans are better off voting Democrat; just can't let go of that slavery thing!

Democrat and FAKE news elites' endless charge of racism against those that disagree with them reeks of hypocrisy. It's intended to intimidate and silence and only serves to tear our country apart. Maybe that's what they want.

As for the press, I suggest reading the S.P.J. Code of Ethics.

Jeff Mackey


To the Editor:

I am a mail subscriber and really enjoy reading Jim Anderson's "Sisters naturalist" column.

I hope he lives and writes for another 20 years.

Gary Manchester


To the Editor:

Once again, Mr. Rullman charges into the territory of politics, heedless of being ambushed by facts. He is distracted by noises to the right then turns away after finding nothing there. He turns to the left but ignores evidence of trip-wires. He retreats to the belief that no one knows the truth and throws up smokescreens: Clinton, China, "Fake News."

I quote Matthew Miller: "So Donald Trump's private business, campaign, transition, inaugural committee, and White House are all under criminal investigation. Very legal and very cool." Actually, there are so many that Miller forgot that the Trump Foundation is also under criminal investigation.

Hint: The truth is where you would usually find it, in plain sight, right in front of you. You just have to look.

Michael Wells


To the Editor:

I had the privilege of being one of the spouses invited to the City of Sisters Christmas party this weekend, past. My spouse is a volunteer in one of the many groups put together by the City, for the people.

Sound familiar? High school government class. The government was set up by the people, for the people. This city government was demonstrating not only what it believes in with the many groups but the results of the groups as well.

I was truly amazed with the folks that spoke of their group's progress and seeing the many volunteers that make the results favorable in the legacy that this City is leaving for the future inhabitants.

And I was pleasantly surprised to see some younger volunteers there as well to promote good governing in our tiny but mighty town. Thank you all that make it possible to say with pride "I live in Sisters." Keep up the good work and keep setting a good example for those around you.

Linda Peck


To the Editor:

I would advise all to review the book "George," authored by Alex Gino, for its content and appropriateness for 10- and 11-year-old students.

Please send comments and opinions to:, SMS Principal, or School Board Chair

The Sisters School District should not be including this book on suggested book report reading list for its 10- and 11-year-old students.

Tyson Sakagawa