On October 15, our beloved son Galen made the choice to end his life. His parents Kent and Cara Boles, sisters Sarah Hansen and Hannah Boles, nephew Ryder Hansen and many uncles, aunts, cousins and friends will greatly miss Galen and are grateful for all of the years of love and closeness they shared together.

Galen was born at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene and moved to Sisters with his family in 2003 just before entering first grade. He attended Sisters schools through 2015 and earned his GED with honors. Many friends were made throughout the years, and Galen was known to reach out to students new to the area, making them feel comfortable and immediately welcome.

Self-nicknamed "Glorious Galen," he loved glorious adventures with his family and friends. Those who knew Galen experienced a young man who was playful, gregarious, adventurous, fun, loyal and family oriented. He was passionate about movies, video games (especially Rock Band), and was purposeful about spending time with his closest friends, the "Tala Tribe." Galen had faith in Jesus Christ and was active in the young adult Bible study at Vast Church.

Many of Galen's cousins served in the military, and he had once dreamed of joining the armed forces himself. In middle school, he developed a deformity of the spine that eventually required spinal surgery his sophomore year which resulted in being disqualified from pursuing his military dreams. It was shortly after this event that Galen was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and began struggling with depression.

While exploring different work opportunities, Galen previously worked at Bird Gard and was currently employed with DGS at the Redmond Airport. Wherever Galen contributed his talents and personality, he made a wonderful and lasting impression. He was still trying to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up while making each job enjoyable for his coworkers.

Galen was truly loved by his many friends and family members. He had a special gift of making everyone feel included and valued and lived his life as if there were no strangers, just friends he hadn't yet met. Many hearts are broken and longing for the years and experiences cut short.

The Boles family would like to encourage anyone suffering from depression to please reach out for help. The National Suicide Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255), Deschutes County Crisis line. With help comes hope; please share your struggles with someone you trust. Find support, talk to a counselor, teacher, pastor, youth leader, parent or friend.