Our beloved father, Gene, passed away June 18, 2019, in a loving hospice facility, in Tucson, Arizona. His daughters and son-in-law rotated days by his side for his final nine days. He had been suffering with a failing heart condition, and had chosen to have corrective surgery. Complications from the surgery caused his death.

Gene was 91 years young. He was born in Wewoca, Oklahoma, to Oscar and Nelle Warf.

He had one brother, Boyd, and two sisters, Diene and Louise (who all predeceased him). The Warf family moved a lot — from Oklahoma to California. It was in San Jose, California, that Gene, at 17, met the love of his life — Beverly Joyce Tosello.

Gene enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1946, as World War II was winding down. Lucky for us, he developed pneumonia, and was forced to remain stateside as a company clerk. He was honorably discharged in 1947, to return to California and his Beverly. (We often laughed about the story that Gene’s shoulders had grown so big, Beverly’s family joked he wouldn’t fit through the door!) Gene and Beverly were married June 20, 1948, in San Jose, California.

Work was scarce after the war, but Gene found an entry-level job at IMC, where he had a 35-year career.

He always shared that he was a terrified young man — taking on the responsibility of a wife and children soon to follow. His first daughter, Nancy Jean, was born March 25, 1949. Patricia Lynn was born March 25, 1950 (on Nancy’s first birthday!) From that day forward, Gene totally focused his life on caring for and financially supporting his precious “girls.”

He loved working numbers (accounting) and rarely missed work in his career. He worked his way up to a division manager with IMC and was transferred to Skokie, Illinois for a couple years, then back to San Jose. After retiring from IMC, Gene and Beverly moved to Sisters in 1980 to be near their only grandchild, Jennifer Michele Brown. Jennifer’s “Papa” would spend hours with her, playing “waitress,” bank teller, and school. He often got a “make-over,” too! Gene and Beverly adored their precious Jennifer. They loved to RV, and often took her along. Both Gene and Beverly decided they weren’t ready to be totally retired, so they tried a hand at real estate sales with Reed Brothers Realty. Both really enjoyed those years and the interesting people

they met.

Finally, they both decided to retire and purchase a second home in Boulder City, Nevada. The two enjoyed the wonderful winter weather in their later years. They truly adored each other their entire married life (it was like Camelot). After 64 years, Gene sadly lost Beverly in February 2013. As Alzheimer’s ravaged her mind and body, Gene NEVER left her side. He was her caregiver until the very end. Never has a love been truer…

After Beverly died, Gene sold his acreage in Sisters and moved to Arizona to be near Nancy and Patricia (and Patricia’s husband, Patrick, who loved Gene as a father). He pined for his Beverly every day. Gene lived in Florence, Arizona, for a couple years, then moved to a lovely retirement village in Tucson to be nearer Pat and Patti. As his health declined, he was in need of more and more assistance. But he remained positive (at 90, he had a 10-year plan!), and just as fiercely dedicated to his remaining family.

He will be greatly missed by all who really knew him. He was a quiet, gentle man. Quick to smile. Generous to a fault. There are many people who received the benefits of his selfless generosity.

He is survived by his daughter Nancy Blake (Bob Gerhard), daughter Patricia Brown (Patrick); granddaughter Jennifer Brown Mainero; Beverly’s brother, George Tosello (Gayle); nephews and nieces from both sides of the family, especially our dear Tosello’s: Carey, Garth, Chris, (all in Sisters) and Greg; and their beautiful families; Byron Blake, Jeff and Anne Blake, and his step-great-grandchildren: Tyler, Justin, and Haley Blake who he absolutely adored. What a blessing they were to him in his later years. And of course, his beloved mini-dachshund, Bella.

Gene will be laid to rest alongside his beautiful bride, Beverly, in Greenwood Cemetery, Bend (private-family). TOGETHER FOREVER NOW — IN HEAVEN.

We will really miss you, Dad. You started as a gentle ripple in this pond of life…but the ripple grew and spread, and you touched so many.