The wilderness is where she belonged. Her soul weaved itself into the harshness and raw beauty of nature; an ebb and flow where her being and nature itself merged together. She was not a visitor, she was one with her surroundings.

There was no containing her beauty of spirit; a soul so deep that anyone who looked closely could only see their own reflection. It was only her ocean-blue eyes that showed every expression…always unabated and honest.

Our beautiful Geneva Elaine Tallman was born in Portland, on July 20, 2003, exactly 24 hours early, as she was always on her own time frame. She grew up with a multitude of animals and opportunities here in Central Oregon. Her adoration for horses and mules grew from playing in the yard with her pony to her becoming a highly advanced horseman. She progressed with her survival skills and dialed in her off-grid living capabilities. Geneva’s adventures, in the company of her mules and horses, encompassed the Pacific Crest Trail, Frank Church Wilderness, Snake River Wilderness, Yellowstone Wilderness and our Sisters Wilderness in her own backyard. She loved to fly-fish, but would usually scare the fish away with her laughter. Daily rides through Sisters Dutch Brothers’ drive-up line on her horse was a necessity.

Geneva is an incredible daughter that I love more than life, a protector to her little sister Mimi. She has been the absolute pride and sunshine of her grandparents and family, a lifelong best friend to her multitude of dear loyal friends, and a devoted girlfriend. She deeply loved our neighbors and embraced them like family. She adored her teachers, who made such a deep impact on her — and she on them. She is known for being fearless, kind, loving, loyal to a fault, a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves, and a hand for the unsteady. Geneva always had a kind word except to those who are cruel or unjust. She is an old soul.

We lost her in a tragic accident in the evening of October 1, at the age of 17. That night did not just take her soul but the two other girls in the car as well. This was a profound loss to the families and the community.

Our Geneva is beautifully described in the following quotation:

“There is a rare breed of people that go all-in.

“They keep their word, they give it all, they go the extra mile for those they care for.

“These individuals hardly ever receive the same passion and effort in return, yet they never change and always give it their all; hoping that one day, maybe, just maybe, they will find someone as rare as they are to love them as fiercely with as much devotion.

“To the givers, forgivers, and selfless lovers out there, keep being beautiful. Don’t ever let this cold world change you. Take advantage of every little moment you are given.”

Geneva, we love you.

A Celebration of Life event in her honor is scheduled to be held at Faith, Hope and Charity Winery, 70450 NW Lower Valley Dr., Terrebonne, OR 97760 on Sunday, October 18, at 2 p.m. This outdoor venue will enable the attendees to exercise the required pandemic precautions that include social distancing and wearing masks. Attendance is limited, so RSVP is required,

Geneva’s family members extend their heartfelt thanks to all of you in the community who have given so much to Geneva in the form of friendship, support, and encouragement. We all have been blessed by her life. May her legacy serve as an encouragement for all of us to carry on with her advocacy for others.