Sisters resident Stephen C. Pyke was born on October 3, 1948. He passed February 14, 2019.

Steve was father to four boys (Eli, Lee, Casey, and Samuel); husband of 39 years to his wife, Mary; brother to Susan; father-in-law to Kelly, Angie, and Alex; and grandpa to Dakota, Isabelle, Jorah, Winter and Harper. Steve's family was his pride and joy.

He was born in Lafayette, Indiana to his parents, Donald and Chay Pyke. The family would later welcome his younger sister, Susie.

As a young child Steve developed a love of being in or on the water. Growing up in Southern California he would body surf the beaches and explore his surroundings, which eventually developed into a characteristic of his personality. Steve was a curious adventurer who in time proceeded to college studying chemistry. During his post-doc studies in Pullman, Washington, he met his wife, Mary, who, like him, was a curious adventurer to the max. Rafting together on the Salmon River they discovered in each other a love of the outdoors, joy in laughter and friends, and a deep kindness and connection. And when it became known that they shared the same birthday eight years apart, it was chemistry...

After a summer honeymoon of hiking in the mountains of the west with their two dogs in a brand-new VW Rabbit, they drove to Cleveland, Ohio, where Steve began his career in research and development at Standard Oil. He continued in his career at Boeing, and branched out to freelance work in R&D in Sisters.

From childhood, Steve was drawn to science-fiction stories such as the Twilight Zone, Forbidden Planet, and War of the Worlds. His curiosity of scientific exploration and concepts continued throughout his adult life and eventually were passed down to his boys. Some of his favorite topics and discussions with others involved quantum theory, black holes, and particle acceleration, and how they could be relevant in our world. Steve would go into deep discussion on the intricacy of our wild world, and then he would draw parallels, relating the scientific world he studied to his very personal faith in Jesus. Steve was not afraid to work and think in the scientific process yet believe in something that science cannot prove or disprove.

He was a father of four boys who now work in video/film production, and EMS and forest management. Inspired by Steve's love of being on the water, his sons often run multi-day excursions on whitewater rivers, sail catamarans, kayak massive waterfalls, and cast flies on backcountry streams. Steve was a proud father and was incredibly supportive and encouraging when it came to being at every football game in high school, and every play on the stage. He would cook massive hearty breakfasts for his sons and their friends when they stayed overnight to watch films and play games.

Steve was involved with Bread of Life, transporting food to and from the church and Shepherd's House; he was a friend to many at Circle of Friends; and a member of small groups that met to discuss faith, community, and family. He spent much of his last six years being grandpa, wrestling, chasing, holding and loving his grandchildren. He traveled to Southern California to help and be with grandchildren during the cold parts of the year. Steve was known by his kindness, intellect, calmness, faithfulness and love.

Before his dementia took hold, he said the peace he had about passing on was attributed toward his faith in Jesus. We will miss our husband, dad, grandpa, brother, uncle and friend.

A public memorial will be held at Sisters Community Church on Sunday, March 3, at 2 p.m. to celebrate the life of Steve, an outstanding father, husband, brother, son and grandpa.

Memorial contributions may be made to Circle of Friends (Sisters) and Saint Charles Hospice.