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  • I have followed plans by the Forest Service to limit public access to three of Oregon’s most popular wilderness areas for years. The Cascade Wilderness Strategies Project is intended to protect the wilderness from overuse by controlling public access.
  • My heart sank as I read contentious letters relating to the book "George."
  • "Can a man carry fire next to his chest and his clothes not be burned?"

    - Proverbs 6:27

    In the January 23 issue of The Nugget, T. Lee Brown stressed the importance of healthy male touching. Overall, the content was well-intentioned and helpful. She cites pornography as a hindrance to healthy touching, stating, "Some porn addicts lose the ability to become aroused with real partners...Even non-addict porn users often develop social and relationship issues."

    This is important and correctly identifies a huge problem. After all, according to the Huffington Post, more users access porn sites every month than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter combined.
  • Idling a vehicle unnecessarily adds CO2 to the atmosphere, increasing global warming.
  • I'll have to admit that I'm shocked at the lack of response in the letters to the editor section, to the commentary ("FS wilderness restrictions are too severe," by Craig Eisenbeis, The Nugget, December 4, page 5).
  • FS wilderness restrictions are too severe
    "No significant impact" or "negligible" is the repetitive mantra of the Forest Service in their perfunctory "analysis" of their draconian measures limiting access to virtually all of our local wilderness. Poised for adoption in 2020, these restrictions may not have significant impact from their point of view; but they sure as heck have plenty of impact on me.
  • Last night I went to the City Council meeting to express my concern over point No. 6 of the new short-term rental regulations and also about the distinction between a STR that is "an entire house rental without the primary resident present" and a STR that is "a room or a series of rooms in a house where the primary resident lives concurrently."

  • In preparation for the arrival of a new permanent executive director, the board of the Sisters Park & Recreation District has initiated a series of actions dubbed Operation Shipshape.
  • Last spring I had the privilege of touring the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC. It was a deeply emotional and disturbing experience and a testament to our shameful past. In one exhibit, etched into glass on a case that displayed a vicious leather bullwhip that was used on slaves was a quote:

    "O, ye nominal Christians! Might not an African ask you-Learned you this from your God, who says unto you, Do unto all men as would men should do unto you?"

    - Olaudah Equiano, 1789
  • I appreciate the recent editorials and letters about immigrants in The Nugget. I write today as the grandchild of immigrants, as a concerned American, Oregonian, and neighbor here in Sisters Country.
  • I have noticed the letter campaign in The Nugget unfairly attacking Greg Walden. As a concerned voter I feel compelled to correct the record.
  • Donald J. Trump is the right person for the job.

  • It's easy to vote in Oregon. We just fill in the little bubbles on our ballots, which show up conveniently in our mailboxes, and send 'em back. But who should we be voting for?
  • How did we end up with millions of unregistered immigrants living in the U.S., some that have been here for 20 or 30 years? Why do we need immigrants, even legal? Immigration seems to be a hot button for most Republican candidates, even though illegal southern border crossings are at decades-lows. It is also a convenient enemy for President Donald Trump because they supposedly take all of the good jobs. Lets explore what caused our immigration situation and what the impacts are.
  • Was there ever an age where the forests didn't burn? Where soil water retention was so great and energy transfer so effective that fires weren't necessary to keep woody biomass at bay?

    It turns out there was.
  • A Washington Post/ABC poll taken during the 2016 presidential election showed that the priority for voters was to "cleanup" the corruption in Washington. Many that voted for Trump admitted he was not qualified for the job, but because he assured the voters that he would "pick the very best and brightest" people to advise him and run the agencies, they overlooked this. He campaigned to "drain the swamp."
  • Jim Cornelius wrote about "political correctness" in an opinion piece last week. And within that, he discussed taking a course in college regarding Native American History while at UC-Santa Cruz. Given that my wife and I own the only brick-and-mortar Native American Art Gallery in Oregon, I feel compelled to offer a follow-up letter to Jim's piece.
  • After five years, thousands of shovels full of soil, 50,000 tons of produce, 100 pages of documentation, countless hours of reading legal documents and answering too many questions about noodles growing on trees, Seed to Table officially became a federally tax-exempt nonprofit attaining IRS 501(c)(3) status as of July 28, 2018. We are officially known as Seed to Table Oregon!
  • On the occasions when I have contemplated what motivates human behavior, I have done so mostly within the framework of "nature/nurture." Are we motivated mostly by our genetics or by how our life experiences have formed us? Maybe they interact. Science tells us that certain environmental factors may cause mutations in our genes that could be carried through to our children. Maybe it's not either/or.
  • There's a special place in my heart for SPRD. Two years ago, my family set out from Portland in a tiny travel trailer, wandering beaches, deserts, and mountains. I'd fallen in love with Sisters during an artist residency at Caldera. Now we set up camp in the forest nearby, hoping this would become home.
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