• As The Nugget staff compiled this year-in-review edition, it was brought home with force — as though we needed reminding — that Anno 2020 is not the kind of year anyone wants to remember. Yet, remember it we will.

  • Dear Central Oregon:
    I’d like to interrupt our normal format to provide some information and thoughts during the coronavirus shutdown. 
  • As I write this I am sitting in a cabin alongside the Metolius River in Camp Sherman. The only sound is the trickling of water just beyond the back porch. I am writing on a note pad because there is no phone or internet and my laptop is dead. There is a fire, food in the antiquated fridge, and a claw-foot tub where I plan on spending a good portion of my evening reading a book about survival in Alaska. I am theoretically supposed to depart tomorrow, but my introvert self is pondering how I might negotiate a longer stay.
  • Lost in Istanbul
    The occasional sound of car tires ambling across the one-lane cobbled street during the night reverberates up densely packed three- and four-story walls of old stone buildings, but this noise fails to rouse us. We’re deep within a substantial jet-lag slumber. High-pitched citywide bullhorns suddenly trumpeting an old man’s pleading sing-song voice, imploring the faithful to come pray at the nearby mosque at 6 a.m. absolutely rousts us. 
  • Should the City of Sisters continue with its law enforcement contract or reconstitute the City of Sisters Police Department?
  • On October 24, Citizens4Community and The Nugget Newspaper are joining forces to sponsor a forum on the First Amendment. The event will be held at the Sisters Fire Hall and begins at 5:30 p.m.
  • Few would argue against “free speech” as being a basic tenet of our democracy. It’s the First Amendment of the Constitution, after all.
  • Sisters is getting set to celebrate the reading life. The Sisters Festival of Books runs Friday-Sunday, October 18-20.
  • Where does the notion of “freedom of speech” come from? Our Constitution’s first amendment.
  • Sisters Community Foundation is looking for community members to join with it to help provide Sisters Country with the exciting new benefits voted for by the Sisters community in the Community Visioning Project.
  • I read a letter to the editor last week from Laura West regarding racism in America, and more specifically white supremacy, that contained some good points. Racism absolutely still exists. As does white supremacy, which is just one of the many types of racism that we see in the United States

  • A friend gave a nice chiropractic adjustment to my thinking last week. It was so gently and skillfully administered that I wasn’t even aware that it had happened for a couple of hours.
  • The House Judiciary Committee indulged in some bizarre (and lame) theatrics in bringing Watergate co-conspirator-turned-star-witness John Dean to “testify” on the “historical context” of the Mueller Report earlier this month.
  • Thank you for being my fellow board members over the past five years — we achieved much including passing a bond and hiring a new superintendent and two great new administrators — but as I have voiced at several of our meetings I leave frustrated at our struggles with change.
  • This letter responds to the letters written both in support and against the Sisters High School girls’ basketball coaches. Rather than delve into case-specific details of the complaints against those coaches, I would urge the community to step back and consider the purpose of high school athletics. The real intent of athletics is to teach our kids about teamwork, leadership, persistence, goal-setting, and how to treat one-another in a group setting. These are the values that help players win throughout their personal and professional lives.
  • I have lived here in Sisters for 15 years. My children started school here in kindergarten and graduated/will graduate from Sisters High School. All three kids were involved in multiple sports. In fact, sports are what really made them happiest and helped them to grow the most.
  • The Sisters City Council at the May 15 meeting, encouraged by certain staff members and based on facts that were not entirely accurate, approved to make Williamson and Hill connecting streets from the new Hayden development at McKenzie Meadows Village.
  • I’m a big believer in “safe spaces.”
  • I served in uniform for 24 years and fought in two U.S. military campaigns. The last 10 years of my working career provided non-clinical advocacy as a Department of Defense-trained recovery care coordinator, first with the U.S. Special Operations Command Warrior Care Program (2009-2013) and then in the private sector.
  • I have followed plans by the Forest Service to limit public access to three of Oregon’s most popular wilderness areas for years. The Cascade Wilderness Strategies Project is intended to protect the wilderness from overuse by controlling public access.
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