• Running promotor donates $1,000 to STA
    Alpine Running made a $1,000 donation to Sisters Trails Alliance (STA) this month, as volunteers hosted an aid station for the Three Sisters Skyline Race on October 3-4.
  • The responsibility of hunters
    Even as a die-hard vegetarian I can see the inherent value in hunting. Whether hunters realize it or not they willfully or unwittingly fund the thing which is nearest and dearest to my heart: conservation.
  • Exploring Scott Lake
    Highway 242 over McKenzie Pass has reopened. So, now is the time to take advantage of the wonders of the McKenzie Highway before it closes again for the winter. Our visit to Scott Lake actually took place last month; but wildfire traffic and wind damage caused the highway to be closed for several weeks, postponing publication of this article.
  • Tracksters wrap up ‘mini-season’
    The Sisters Outlaws hosted a three-way meet under blue autumn skies on Tuesday, October 6 to wrap up the spring sports mini season.
  • Outlaws athletes are back on track
    Athletic contests, non-existent in the area for months due to COVID-19, are slowly returning, allowing Sisters High School track-and-field program to host an informal, abbreviated competition against Ridgeview High on Wednesday, September 30.
  • A fall visit to Clear Lake is a must
    As soon as the calendar flips over to October, I start thinking about a visit to Clear Lake. Just over Santiam Pass, and only about a half hour away, there’s no better place to see fall colors in our area. This is always my favorite local fall hike. As far as that goes, it’s probably everyone’s favorite fall hike around here — and the long range weather forecast suggests that there will be many remaining opportunities in October.
  • A teenage runner from South Medford High School — motivated to have the chance to race some of the other top distance runners in Oregon after track was canceled and the cross-country season moved to February — has taken matters into his own hand. He organized a 5,000-meter race that was held Saturday, October 3, at Sheldon High School’s track in Eugene. 
  • Hats off to Sisters High School Athletic Director Gary Thorson, who has shown grace under pressure in navigating the confusing, conflicting path through COVID-19. The experience of high school athletics is an important one for many students, and ensuring that they get the best possible opportunity to have that experience — while keeping them safe and adhering to health and safety requirements — is a big challenge.
  • When Jennifer Holland accepted her job a year ago as the executive director for Sisters Park & Recreation District (SPRD), little did she imagine she would have to cancel programs, lay off most the staff, and restructure the budget and the organization to deal with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • ‘Spring’ sports active now
    In the topsy-turvy world of COVID-19, athletes at all levels, including Sisters High School, have been faced with canceled, postponed, and shortened seasons. Activity resumed in mid-September for a few of the traditional spring sports under strict guidelines for a five week “mini-season.” 
  • The body is a very integrated machine, down to the framework of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones. When all of these are in harmonious alignment, they provide the body with stability, strength, injury resilience and balance. 
  • • Dave Johnson, DVM, wrote: I commend Tate Metcalf and his staff of the Sisters Athletic Club with excellence in operating the Club with competence, astute cleanliness/sanitation, and exceeding the Oregon criteria during COVID-19. 
  • Outlaws athletes are going to be able to get in some modified sports activities this fall.
  • Little Three Creek Lake is a nice family hike
    Last week, we had planned to hike on the west side of McKenzie Pass, but since all the roads were closed due to the fires, we had to come up with a different plan. My hiking buddy, who was already sheltering at our place due to Camp Sherman’s uncertain fire evacuation status, suggested we keep it simple with a short hike to Little Three Creek Lake. Off we went.
  • Living with passion
    “I’ve always lived life with passion,” says Erik Dolson.
  • Sisters man defies ‘numerical age’ taking second in bike race
    Jack Addison thinks that the Sisters Stampede is a perfect venue for folks in Sisters to defy the limitations of “numerical age.”
  • New trail connects users to PRT
    Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers, folks living west of Sisters can now access the Peterson Ridge Trail (PRT) system via the new PRT-Whychus Footbridge Tie Trail.
  • The Whychus Trailhead off Forest Road 16 south of Sisters will be closed to allow for construction of a project to improve fish passage in the area. The Whychus Trail will remain accessible.
  • Cooler high country recreation at Big Lake
    Big Lake and I have a relationship that goes back more than 60 years. So, on one of our recent 90+ degree days, when my hiking buddy suggested water sports at Big Lake, rather than a hot, dusty trail, it wasn’t a hard sell.
  • Many of us have fond memories of skipping ropes on the playgrounds of yesteryear. A childhood game of “I betcha can’t make 100 skips,” or a jump-a-thon sponsored PE program come to memory. Nostalgia for jump rope isn’t child’s play. It can be an effective fitness device. Here’s why. 
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