The girls soccer team edged out the White Buffaloes 2-1 in their season opener on Tuesday, September 3, but fell 2-0 at home to powerhouse Marist two days later.

In Tuesday’s match-up the White Buffs got on the scoreboard first with a goal approximately 20 minutes into the game. Sisters had a missed clear on their defense and the Buffs got off a lucky shot that rang true and put them up 1-0.

Madras outplayed the Outlaws the first two quarters and held onto their one-point advantage as the teams entered the half.

At halftime, Coach Brian Holden told the Outlaws they needed to step up with higher pressure and be more efficient in front of the goal. The Lady Outlaws listened and executed the changes perfectly.

Fifteen minutes into the second half, Madras was charged with a handball and Emma Lutz hit a perfect shot into the upper-left corner of the net to even the game 1-1.

Ten minutes later, the Outlaws took the lead. Oly Thorson received the ball on the right side of the field, beat her defender, and crossed the ball in front of the goal to Hollie Lewis. Lewis took a shot inside the 18 and the ball sailed to the left side of the net for the score and a one-point Outlaws lead.

Within the last 10 minutes of the contest, the White Buffs had a chance to tie it back up, but their shot went up and over the crossbar, and the Outlaws got the win.

Reese Harwell did a fantastic job for the Outlaws in the goal, and had a couple of key saves that kept them in the game.

Holden said, “She did a great job defending all of Madras’ free kicks and corner kicks.”

Holden was proud of the Lady Outlaws and their grit and determination to pull off the win.

“Either team could have won, but I praise our team for persevering through the heat with minimal substitutions and getting the win under those conditions.”

Two days later the lightning, thunder, and rain caused a two-hour delay in the Outlaws’ game at home against Marist. Teams got through the first half, and agreed the game will count.

Marist is a private Catholic school where the majority of their players play club ball year-round, and during league they are always ranked No. 1 or No. 2 in the state.

Coach Brian Holden decided to play a slightly different format in hopes of disrupting Marist’s tough offense. He clogged up the midfield with five players and forced Marist to go to the outside of the field.

Holden had praise for his midfield, who played organized and never gave up. He also noted the defense for their strong performance on the back line. Harwell once again did a nice job in the goal, took quite a few shots, and made some great saves.

Sisters was to play at home against Newport on Tuesday, September 10. On Thursday they will travel to Cascade.