Hayden Sharp had longest play of night vs. Crook County. photo by Jerry Baldock
Hayden Sharp had longest play of night vs. Crook County. photo by Jerry Baldock
The Outlaws were defeated 7-0 by Crook County on Friday, September 20 — but they didn’t make it easy for the Cowboys.

Crook County, in their previous two games, held both Cottage Grove and Ridgeview scoreless, with scores of 39-0, and 49-0, and they may have been expecting another easy victory. The Outlaws defense did an extraordinary job and held the Cowboys to just seven points.

The Cowboys scored their TD with 3:38 left in the first half. They recovered a fumble on the Outlaws 35-yard line and drove down the field for the score.

Sisters’ defense played a great second half and held the Cowboys scoreless. In the final quarter, with just a few minutes left on the clock, the Outlaws had a 50-yard run by Hayden Sharp all the way down to the Cowboys’ 12-yard line, but just couldn’t punch it in, and Crook County recorded the win.

It was a rough night for the Outlaws offense, who would have several good plays in a row, but then would fumble the ball or suffer a penalty. They had three turnovers in the contest, and several penalties held them back offensively.

Ethan Martin did an outstanding job for the Outlaws. Martin was in attack-mode the entire game and was a terror on defense. Ethan finished the night with two tackles behind the line of scrimmage, two sacks, and seven tackles (five solo).

Coach Neil Fendall said, “Our defense knew what they (Cowboys) were going to run, and we broke them down a couple of times. And, our defense blew it up pretty nice in the red zone with a couple of sacks. We’ve had two weeks in a row with pretty good defense, and we just have to get better on offense.”

The Outlaws will host Sweet Home on Friday, September 27.